Intimacy Is Your Life

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Teal Swan #short from the 2018 Chicago workshop.
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  1. Studying your astrology chart to know real intimacy with yourself and everyone and life itself

  2. I had one person I was able to feel intimacy with, she was the one I trusted and the most important
    She passed and if I still want intimacy, at the same time I don’t feel like I can trust someone else and feel continuously hurt
    Pushing people away

  3. Definitely I feel that! 100% agree right here baby!!! Wow oh wow I am absolutely with you! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💞

  4. Really Love this human soul and what she stands for and what she believes, because what she believes is actually the real cold truth and that’s powerful, I love her teachings, it helps real people a lot. thankyou for great teaching,.. Teacher/master.

    • She is HUMAN but her soul is a VERY OLD one that hasn’t started as HUMAN.
      She made a HUGE switch from WHEN she was starting in this universe and was one of the PEACE makers in other GALACTIC AFFAIRS!
      She is EVERYTHING but not YOUNG and HUMAN.
      She is a HUGE “SPIRITUAL” MASTER on this planet but not only on this planet and NOT only related to so-called SPIRITUALITY!
      Her “GALACTIC ACCOUNT” is, for a lack of a better term, PURE SPIRITUAL GOLD!
      Even the above definition is OFFENSIVE for what she represents for humanity and WHO IS SHE in UNIVERSAL life 😉

  5. Teal is one of the brightest spiritual teacher’s on the planet. Whether you hate her or love her it will not change the fact that she is brilliant.

  6. The issue with intimacy is attachment…. Conscious Intimacy on both sides is surely they key. ….Subconscious intimacy is creepy.

  7. It’s the one thing I’ve avoided my whole life then I complain about feeling love deprived lmaoo

  8. Follow your feeling, under the pretense of truth/creating “things”, not lies/destroying “things”

  9. You DAMN RIGHT! Once you get a taste of intimacy it will literally be ALL you crave! Like a newborn vampire on blood.

  10. “Trust me when you get a taste of it (intimacy) you won’t
    want anything else” Teal Swan

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