Intense NEW MOON! Mars-Saturn CHALLENGES! Jupiter-Uranus REBELLION! Weekly Forecast for ALL 12 SIGNS

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Intense NEW MOON! Mars-Saturn CHALLENGES! Jupiter-Uranus REBELLION! Weekly Forecast for ALL 12 SIGNS

Weekly astrology forecast for January 11th through January 17th, 2021

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  1. Ayyy first view xd
    3:50 General forecast
    17:49 Aries
    22:42 Taurus
    27:38 Gemini
    31:08 Cancer
    34:38 Leo
    37:06 Virgo
    39:58 Libra
    43:23 Scorpio
    47:16 Sagittarius
    51:00 Capricorn
    53:53 Aquarius
    56:50 Pisces
    1:00:00 Next week, have a nice week guys <3!!

  2. i’m not too educated on the cycles of transits, but a lot of the energy and aspects at play recently – i have natally. like the pluto moon conj. (in sag tho) that trines neptune, venus trine mars, the uranus squares to sun and mercury (in taurus to aquarius). interesting… thank you for the forecast as always 🌞💜

  3. ♍ sun scorpio ♏ rising damn I could use some romance, its been 8939393 years I think I’ve learned all the lessons already and ready for some loving 😭

    • Hahhahaha. So cute you made a silly way out of it. May you be favored w true love goddess

    • The love another seems to create you actually created those feelings they just opened the door to those feelings. You in the end created those feelings. Create those feelings be those feelings and it wi.. appen I promise but be patient. 🙏

  4. Things are gonna get super crazy but we can make it through, just be wise and strategical.

  5. Uhm how did I get unsubbed from you? YouTube is acting up again I see!

  6. Yesterday my best friend told me I needed a getaway! 🥺 Taurus sun, moon, Aquarius rising! ❤️

  7. Trump and conservatives were purged. No one else was. This hasn’t given the US a better life but a more restricted life as there is no one to oppose those who are in power.

    • There is no freedom without democracy. Those that hold contempt for the democratic process seek control via violence. I do not consent to their dark agendas.

    • @Ms Maryna I’m curious. Are you referring to the conservatives as violent with dark agendas?

  8. Lol my Birthday will be on 12th Jan, I am virgo rising and this stellium thing was on my 5th house and my ex’s 8th house and love life was transformed in such a way in 2020 ending that I became single lol.. my ex got married with someone he don’t like.. and I ended things with him completely completely.. don’t want to add negative karma in my life..

  9. Resonate so much with Heather’s energy. Straightforward, articulate and she keeps it real. No fluff and no silly examples of how the energy will play out. XOXO – From a Virgo rising & virgo stellium, Scorpio moon and Sag Sun!

  10. This new moon is hitting me positively in my sun, rising and moon signs! Thank you! 👏🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽💜👏🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽💜

  11. Thanks always for your forecast. I always look forward to them. I would really help me to know what degrees is this new moon happening in? Thank you.😊❤

  12. Professional work Heather as always much appreciated Send you blessings

  13. Mars rules #Scorpio .. Joe Biden is Scorpio.. a fixed water sign.. under the influence of Aquarius a fixed air sign

  14. A good time to invest in diaper sales because people be wetting their pants.

  15. This New Moon at 23 degrees Capricorn is taking place exactly on my ascendant. Should be fun!

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