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Robin Sharma deconstructs a potent ritual he teaches to his top-level mentoring clients that when implemented, will give you more energy each evening, minimize the dangerous effects of stress, deliver a deeper sleep and even reduce your cravings later in the night.

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  1. Thanks a ton for this incredible set of information Robin. Much appreciated :):)

  2. *Exercising is so powerful for the mind. It makes u feel good, have a better attitude and it makes u healthy!* 🙏

  3. Thanks Sir for sharing with us
    • Joining 5am club
    •Exercise daily
    • Walking in nature or exercising for the second time
    • Having deep rest

  4. I love the 5 AM Club!It feels much more easier to wake up 5AM and I am surprised at myself because I completing my 66-day challenge in a few days!No words to express gratitude. You are God’s gift to humanity. Seriously I love it. I feel so energetic and some deep change in my heart when I wake up at 5AM and I don’t feel that ‘magical energy’ when I wake up late. I feel so fit and happy waking up at 5AM.

    • Please know how much I appreciate your generous words. Yet, I’m just a blue collar worker. It’s a real privilege to be of service to you. Welcome to the Club!

    • @Robin Sharma I am very happy that you replied Sir. I rarely get a reply and mainly such replies. I feel extremely happy and inspired. I am schoolgirl in India. First I read Discover Your Destiny and I loved it so much and then I started reading all your books. I love sharing about you and your books to others. I want to do it more and more. Love u so much sir. Such deep concepts. I will SPARK(Speak with Candor,Prioritize,Adversity Breeds Opportunity,Respond Versus React,Kudos for Everyone) in my life!

      Yes and other acronyms too!

    • @hemalatha ramasamy certainly dear… I too shall put these ideas into application…

  5. Yes to the tremendous benefits of exercise! So good to be here !!

  6. Great wisdom.
    Even for those that are focused on improving their mind, physical exercise will be beneficial also. Our mind benefits from exercise, our soul, and emotions too.
    The only reason to not do it is ignorance of the is the cost and pros.
    The good thing is, like any skill, you can build up the moment. Start as small as it needs to create momentum until the activity becomes enjoyable by itself.
    I believe anyone can be related to the first day at the gym. Doing the exercises was uncomfortable, and in the end, even without any physical change and growth (yet), you feel better when you look at the mirror. Or only happened to me?

  7. Excercise for 20 mins is too less. One needs to excercise for atleast 40 mins in the morning. The 20:20:20 formula should ideally be 40:40:40. So you get up at 5 and complete your excercise, journalling.and learning by 7. Another hour for getting ready and breakfast and you r ready for work..👍..
    However Robin’s thoughts if implemented by customising as per ones schedule can be game changing for sure. Thanks Robin..God bless you.

  8. Wait so the trick to get ultra fit is… TO EXCERCISE? Omg this opened my eyes so much

    • You know its evident only for those who do exercise, and not for others, one need a remind of some simple but still very efficient things. Fitness in the morning is very underestimated

  9. Repetetion of the same idea over and over again is the key to ware it into the mind. Very powerful. Very inspirational.💪💪❤❤💙💙

  10. I signed up for all courses except the Platinum one. So excited to start. I read the 5am club a few months ago and implemented several of the tactics. Looking forward to take it further with the online classes. And I’m happy that you give away a share of my investment to your “Robin Sharma Foundation for Children”. <3

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