Inner Voice: The Inner Critic is Your Friend, Not Your Enemy

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The "Inner voice" is sometimes critical. When it is, we call it the inner critic. It is easy to assume that it is against you. But the inner critic is your friend, not your enemy.

Almost all of us have that little voice in or heads that spends its time judging and criticizing us. It is the one that tells us how we messed up, how we fall short, and what we did that was bad and wrong and what is not acceptable about us. Most people mistake this voice for all of themselves, as opposed to a part of the complex system of their psyche. Because the ‘self-critic’ can cause so many problems and be so detrimental to our wellbeing, it is tempting to think of it as an enemy that constantly lives with you; and in your own skin. And because of this, the world is full of methods for standing up to your inner critic and fighting against your inner critic and ignoring your inner critic and negating and minimizing your inner critic. The problem is that these methods don’t work. They will never work. They will never work because believe it or not, the inner critic is not against you. It is actually powerfully for you. It is trying its very best to protect you. And unless you understand this, you will add to your own suffering, increase your self-hate and intensify the internal war within yourself.

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Teal Swan is a personal transformation revolutionary. She was born with a range of extrasensory abilities and is a survivor of severe childhood abuse. Today she uses her gifts as well as her own harrowing life experience to inspire millions of people towards authenticity, freedom and joy and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.

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  1. Finally I get to watch the video when it’s released. Teal your videos have kept me from totally giving up lately. Thanks for that ♡ Much love to you and your family from Nicaragua.

  2. Teal, I got lost in a dream, and had forgotten about you.
    Then i swiftly remembered that we had always been.
    We spoke silently; an intimate reminisce far from the earthly.
    Candles burning on and on, day and night, until you reached my ears.
    I spoke your name and of the things you said, and many ran in fear.
    I began to sing your song with the majesty of a mythological mystic.
    And our tribe danced till dawn.

  3. Yes, I believe so too. And I listen to that little devil in me. But I don’t let him control me. We work together. Thanks to your wise lessons Teal. And my capacity to understand them 😇. 🙏

  4. This is like a message from universe. I was just crying out loud that there’s no one helping me figure out and I give up on life. 1 minute later you post a video. Im so grateful. I just discovered you. Im thanking God for it

    • I quit my job recently so i could focus on smoking weed on my YouTube channel full time 😅i think F’d up..😩

    • Criticizing yourself doesn’t go away especially whenever you live with someone who constantly brings up your past transgressions and won’t let things go from the past 😒 it is super difficult😪😢

    • Me too! And this time of the year my inner critic is so loud… now I know how to understand this. Thank you Teal!!

  5. Perfect timing💕 this video is exactly what I needed this morning! it’s time to work on this inner critic of mine

  6. My inner critic that said “I am too sensitive” all my life just integrated by watching this video. I am feeling seen. Thank you 🙂

  7. These always come at the perfect time.
    I feel like I’ve been spiraling with my policing inner voice for weeks. All it’s been doing is keeping us stuck & unmoving, bc Im arguing or ignoring it. No wonder I’m feeling so miserable lol Thank you Teal and Tribe, these free videos are such a blessing and add so much value to my experience.

  8. I learned that criticism is a voice that needs to be integrated. Our strive for perfection is a byproduct of wanting to allow our highest self in. To learn to love this part of ourselves for it’s desire of striving to be better is one of the keys to freeing ourselves from it.
    -Much love from a growing YouTuber

  9. This ran deep, Hit the nail on the head again Teal. Thankyou so on point. Extremely helpful and effective with every word. I have been self harming myself for as long as I can remember, I had recently come to somehow understand it was my ego. But this was perfect. Well done and Thankyou.

  10. I can’t believe the timing of this I just literally woke up this morning dealing with the same issue my inner critic and I turned on this video what a blessing. Lately I’ve been trying to listen to my inner critic more and more I had a situation yesterday with a new friend that triggered my shame and instead of just going totally bad on myself I started asking a lot of questions about where the shames coming from and why but Teal you gave it a New perspective so thank you very much.

  11. I fully embraced my inner enemy so long ago that she is literally the other half of me, at times swallowing the better half whole. I adore my own worst enemy side. Without her, I wouldnt have been able to get by. Elmo’s fire is sacrifice.

  12. Teal, what about those of us who hate doing “parts work”? What would you recommend as alternative to us?
    What would be the 2nd and/or 3rd best option for us to do instead of doing “parts work”? Thank you <3

  13. 1M subs!!! When did this happen!!!? Congrats! I have been listening to your for 6 years now and it’s about time people started realising how valuable you are!!🥰🥰🥲

  14. I recognized my self-critic voice inside me today. Unlike the other days, i stopped and watched it, thinking what i should do with this little voice. And this video came to me! Thank you Teal😍

  15. Befriending my inner critic “part” has changed my life in the best possible way!
    Thank you for your videos!

  16. Teal has been the abosolute most influential thinker in my life so far.
    She validates everything i was ever afraid to admit to and live out.
    These videos have been the most powerful tool for gaining strength and confidence to live a life of allowing, guided by, and driven by the light i was so afraid to let shine.
    She opened me up all the way and i have never felt more accepting and open to my own experience as well as everyone else’s in my surroundings.
    In a society that has thought me that everything i want to achieve needs me to kill a part of myself before ever even starting the journey, it has been so liberating feeling the part of me that has always known that approach to be worng be finally validated.
    Teal appeared in my life at a very critical time and pulled me back from the deepest darkness i have experienced so far.
    Thank you for teaching me why and how to love myself and how important and powerful it is, Teal. I am forever grateful for your teachings.

  17. «The inner critic is a protector personality within the complex system of your psyche. It is actually trying to save your life, help you to avoid consequences and keep it so that you can get your needs met.» 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    so true

  18. This is so true. I have a pretty good (not perfect) relationship w my inner critic and I feel a lot of self acceptance. Much more than I used to. It is like an inner peace. I find myself much less judgmental of others than I used to be too.

  19. “What are it’s values and needs is it arguing for
    What consequences is it arguing against” this help out big time, I’ve been trying to work this with this part of me a lot and never quite found resolve, this helps paint the picture more clearly

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