Initiating Dream Contact with Aliens: Ancient Civilizations Used This Method

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Just as we all breathe, we all dream, we just don't always remember them. Your dreams are not random and have profound meaning, which ancient cultures were aware of, however, modern culture has lost touch with. We're first going to explore dreams within ancient Egypt, and then share how you can use your dream time to initiate contact with benevolent/friendly extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional beings, also known as aliens.

Narration: Petra Ortiz –

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  1. The first 1000 people to use this link get Free Instant Access to the Power of Dreams course modules.
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    • Is the Soul Dreamers full already? I was trying to get in and register for the free course a few minutes after this was posted and it wouldn’t let me

    • @Allison T it’s a con job – it’s selling the course – nothing is free.

  2. Dreaming is what brings me purpose. In my dreams, I ascend closer and closer to the goregeous ethereal realm.

    • @White lives Matter when we dream we can access the 4th 5th and 6th Dimensions. The beings that live in the named Dimensions are Etheric in form.

    • Spirits dont sleep. But those spirits that are identified with their physical bodies and minds do… until they realize what they are.

  3. it’s my first time to watch your videos… it is amazing 🦋 thank you 🌹

  4. I’ve had a feeling when waking on the morning, like I need to do something but don’t know what it is. Like walking into a room but forgot what I was getting. I feel like something in my dream is telling me but I don’t remember my dreams lately. Plus I’ve had a constant butterfly feeling in my stomach. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. I always told people I met a demon in my dreams, which is in the M-field ( 5th dimension ) which you can tap into. Which you also sometimes do by accident while dreaming.

  6. I have quite a few experience with aliens beginning at age 11 when I am my sister’s witnessed three round unidentified area phenomena 🤗they placed us on the carport top then we had to figure out how to get off cuz we had never been on there before.
    schoolhouse Earth is interesting I have learned a lot and come very far as I upgraded human(Terrans)DNA .
    Love yu

  7. The Annunakis hijacked the Golden Eagle Ley Lines. The Annunakis are now benevolent.

  8. Can we stop using the word “aliens”? It just seems like an outdated and unrefined pop culture term that carries such a strongly slanderous connotation of eliciting ridicule and denial.

    • I agree, and I use both together atm to make sure people know what I’m referring to as to my surprise a number of people have not understood when I say “extraterrestrial” or “ET”. Working to educate people away from this word. Thanks for sharing ur thoughts.

  9. I had a beautiful dream about 3 years ago, after my mother passed. I was approaching the front door of my home and I saw a person standing in the doorway ( their feet was not touching the ground), I yelled, “who is that,” as I got closer, I said, you look like my mother.” I then looked closely at her and said, “you are my mother.” We hugged and started to twirl up in the sky. All I saw was stars and I felt the most beautiful and loving feeling, I didn’t want to come back.

    • Basic… for those of us that are experienced, not new.
      No offense.

    • hmmm.. the number 3 (years) is someway related to you with 3 star system sirius…. it’s a maybe😀

    • @ThePresentation010 suggestions & exploration always helps … whether it’s right or wrong.

  10. Hmmm I should try this .in my woke life I have connected strongly and instantly as in I could see ships moving watching them in my periferi flying in erratic but forward motions ,and then I’d turn to look directly at them and they would stop ..look ahead but watching via my periferi they IMMEDIATLY started moving, they would very evidently try to pose as a star in their stillness, yet fly Iradiclly when I’d shift my vision seemingly forward…

  11. I love the info very good video it reminds me of my experience I’ve had in the past and still to this day everything that has been sai in the videod is truth and facts.

  12. Always love your content! Thank you for taking the time publishing this for us. Sending much love and gratitude.

  13. When I was a kid i had this one dream I remember to this day because it was the only dream i thought was in the future. See as a kid I only had these dreams of civilizations falling and I would be so terrified of them , not in the way that children normally are. These were dreams that I feared having so much to the point as a child I would keep myself up for as long as I could , its also the reason i learned to active dream. But my point is that one dream i had was a dream of me in a space ship. Or what i would now consider a space ship

  14. I’ve said this many times and I’m going to continue to say it, this is the BEST Channel on YouTube! Now more than ever!

  15. When I was around 10 (in the 70’s) a being came into my dream and ask me if I want to go with him, he present is hand and I hold it and we start to leave up into the astral and as we move up (about 6-10 foot away) I look back at my body, my room and things and that trigger in me the idea that I gonna have to die to go with him and leave all this behind witch I didn’t wanted to at that time… so bang, I was back in my body, very upset and saying «  I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die » and that get the attention of my mom who came running to my room and having her wondering why I kept saying I don’t want to die and console me saying that I won’t die I’m ok, it was just a dream…

    Wonder my triggered fear made me miss a great opportunity there???😕

  16. OOHH Waw!! The Love Button 💞 One of the most encouraging clips I have seen. Thank you!! 🤗🤗

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