If You’re Feeling DEPRESSED, Watch This Video – “The 7 Minute Technique” – Sam Harris

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Speaker: Sam Harris

It's incredible how often we can find ourselves caught up in the insanity of our own thoughts.
Thoughts come and go, like leaves floating down a river. We don't know where they come from, or where they go. Thoughts are entering our head all day (and night) and we are usually unaware of nearly every single subconscious thought.

We may spend time pondering from time to time, or remembering, but our automatic thought process slips right by our conscious awareness for the majority of our lives.

It's important to remember thoughts are not reality, they are merely thoughts.
When you go to a football game, you are experiencing the reality of that event. When you remember the football game on the drive home, you are not experiencing reality, you are merely remembering and experiencing a thought of a former reality.

Thoughts only have the power we give them, and the level of power we give them directly correlates with the amount of attention we put on those thoughts. Placing too much attention on thoughts as though they were real nearly always leads us into a sad, angry or depressed state.

If you were watching an amazing movie, and you suddenly thought about washing your car, you would instantly dismiss that thought for the moment and continue watching the movie, otherwise you'd miss out on a great story!
This proves that we do have the capabilities to dismiss thoughts at will, rather than being at the mercy of every thought that comes into our mind.

The same goes with life. We don't need to miss out on life because we are too caught up worrying about the future or regretting the past. Simple conscious awareness practices can save you many years of internal pain.

If you could open up the mind of a genuinely happy person, you'd see that they ARE NOT positively thinking 27/4, or avoiding negative thinking, you'd find that they actually don't dwell on situations, people and circumstances. You'd find that they actually don't OVER think too much at all, they are mostly focused on what they are doing and enjoying the present moment to its fullest capacity.

I hope this videos helps someone who is struggling with internal pain or depression.

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  1. To anyone reading this, you deserve to be successful. I believe in you, keep going.

  2. Told my sister yesterday in text that I was anger depressed and today this video shows up. Didn’t get much out if it tho. I wish everyone the best.

    • Its not a video you need to get anything out of, you need to ask you self some questions like why are you angry and depressed? When you find the answer you’ll stop being angry and depressed you probably want an easy solution but that really is the easy solution the only solution..
      Bet your thinking now what do i know about you?

    • @t s Been there done that. I have a lot of reasons. I am feeling better today. This isn’t something new. I’ve suffered with this since I was old enough to remember. I remember wearing diapers.
      At 8 yes old I remember being so depressed I planned my death. Pray at bed time I’d die in my sleep. My sister is the same way but worse. After I moved out of the family house it slowly dissappeared. Latley I get it again but not as bad.
      I’m feeling better today.

  3. There are people in this world who are dreaming of living the life that you are 💕

  4. This is so powerful and so true, we can control our thoughts. Thank you 💓

  5. Some people might not be relaxed enough to get benefit from this, but it’s a good practice and try to use. Awm

    • AWM is the best gun but I prefer Groza to be much helpful in certain situations

  6. Funny how this video has turned up in my recommendations
    When….iam the video title…Because of nasty fake people manipulating MY
    Life constantly !!

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