If You think you are UGLY… WATCH THIS VIDEO

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  1. Your energy 🤣 Good feelin funny 😆❤️ puts a smile on my face! 🥰🍓

  2. already got me feelin beautiful in the beginning .😂💕 but i am who i am & i am beautiful from the inside out .😌

  3. I wonder where u be getting all your info lol.
    Keep on Entertaining. U are a great Entertainer

  4. I accept who I am I am who I am I’m.fly in the inside and the outside Daquan adams

  5. I WANT to love what I look like.
    Edited: Universe just told me that staying in the moment and paying minute attention to everything I touch, as I speak, walk, etc and it stops me from being in my head and being unhappy.

  6. Omfg I’m telling you 😭I was crying an hour ago about my asymmetrical ugly face 😭 I felt really low and this shows up in my feed. 🥺💙

    • I’ve had 3 surgeries Botox and filler to fix my asymmetrical chin.. until one of my seurgons told me no ones face is completely symmetrical. It’s impossible it’s the human anatomy. I love my face now. Hope this helps…

  7. I am who i am know matter what my narc sister used to tease me as a child for having big eyes & lips now it’s the two main features ppl love the most! Love yourself natural beauty #naked flaws and all 🌷

  8. I think I am wonderly made by God. I don’t want to be like anyone else. I don’t need anyone’s validation. I love me and that is all that matters. 2-5-2021(Fri.)

  9. I am beautiful inside and out, i know who i am. I am going to follow my dreams and just go for for it. I encourage everyone else to do the same. Fly high Angels

  10. ” You’re so used to you’re features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger ” I have that tattooed on my chest- quote that changed the way I looked at myself forever

  11. What’s hard for me is people can’t look past looks and actually care what’s in your mind and heart anymore.

  12. Tren who has the time to worry about looks when success is at hand I need to keep moving on up this mountain, ain’t got no time for that.

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