I AM! Powerful Affirmations for A Successful Life (Listen Every Day)

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Read by Shane Morris

Reprogram your mind by listening to these powerful I AM affirmations every day.

Affirmations affirm our self-worth by forcing us to reflect on our core values.

Research shows that listening to such affirmations can decrease stress, increase wellbeing, improve academic performance, and make people more open to changing limiting beliefs.

Repeating these self-affirmations every day will reprogram your thinking so that, over time, you begin to feel – and act – differently.

Scientific Literature:

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  1. well then, time to change for the better!
    gotta throw away the old to welcome the new

  2. My amazing step daughter will be starting college soon. This will be her first time away from friends & family. She struggles with anxiety so coming across this was an invaluable treasure. It has been heard and shared. May God Bless us all!

  3. We hope you can find some value in hearing these powerful affirmations each day.
    All the best – RF

    • Peace be upon you,
      I absolutely find these videos really inspiring and life changing. Thank you as well for taking your time and sharing these inspiring contents. Keep up the good work.👍
      Peace be upon you❤

  4. Thank you RedFrost team for such wonderful life lessons.
    I am changing my life 😇

  5. RedFrost Motivation, just wanted to take a moment to thankyou for the exceptional content which you put out into the world. There’s not a single doubt in my mind that you are helping so many people and making the world a better place. Your channel is impeccable as are you as a person for producing such inspirational and motivational masterpieces. Proud to be a subscriber. Hope you have a great week and Best wishes and stay safe and well to yourself and your family

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