Human Creation Story They DON’T Want You To Know: Anunnaki Gods

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Custodians of ancient knowledge have long known that the mystery of humanity’s origins is far more complicated than widely accepted notions of natural evolution. They tell us that the gods of Eden, the Annunaki, planned a destiny for us which is still being played out through our ongoing obsession with gold. Evidence of this can be discerned from ancient temples, which once stood as places for the human elite to commune with these extraterrestrial gods and bring them the gold that their servants mined for them. Once we come to terms with this and realize that we are not alone, then we can rise up and take our place among the many groups that occupy the celestial realms.

Featuring: Erich von Däiniken, Michael Tellinger, William Bramley

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    • I got 4:51 into the video and could not take / listen to one more second of it.
      The four(4) Kings were “Fore” Kings. These are the 3 wise men mentioned in the Holy Bible, that were Hebrew, (the energy of the Earth’s 7th Chakra), the Knowers know as Israelites, of Is-Ra-El . (Isis and Rah) Masculine and Feminine “Principles” becoming (EL or God/s), lites Halo or Light.
      The 23 Kings that came after the fore-Kings were the 23 chromosomes a fetus “of” Humanity would receive from its’ Father. So, in regard to the 23 Kings, that was the N.E. African (Nagaa / Nile / Happi Valleys) seed being spread across the planet to, advance the ripe Primates / create / birth, Mankind by way of 23 Female Primate chromosomes being paired with 23 chromosomes of the Human Male, or Male of, Man (the Fallen) which is a whole other discussion.

    • @Kim Jong-un
      Archons are part of this carcass’s chakra. Anything you get from here won’t be accurate, without understanding the truth. ⏪

    • @Ivanhoe ॐ Earth is an entire carcass, not just a heart. ALL is All.
      Refer to my comment for “some” factual clarity.

    • All that’s spoken about are the gold mines. What about the diamond mines? That the Dutch owned and which created Apartheid

  2. Aliens aren’t scary. People who go through life not asking these questions are scary.

  3. Anunnaki: Here’s paper for your gold. Humans thanks but soon we’ll just want digital pieces of nothing for gold ok?

    • I do belive in those so called ‘Gods aka Annunaki but the gold story is fake makes no sense. Where they come from what and how how powerfull they are and what they want i dont know

    • When I discussed this with people I tell them what do you think might be next maybe a fart in your face as money

    • @24 I’ve watched 2 vids claiming they used gold as a shield from the sun on their own planet….but fuk knows lol

  4. *In my mind i see only two options*

    Either other creatures created us supreme creator/s intelligens or only one supreme power creator created both earth & humans. But i am confident there are other sources. Evolution is a big lie goverments wants you to belive. As they control everything both matrix science & religion.

    The reality is nobody is going to come and save us. Who ever created us doesnt care and left us long time ago. So that shows alot about the one/s that created us. Absolute beast such creatures that we are then you have lions, tigers, elephants, snakes other beast and force of nature. I dont belive in religion nor concept of atheism. I dont belive in afterlife. I see us humans as automatic engines that when we die we desolve and we cease to exist. I am not yet at peace because i have a heavy heart. I wish all good humans love & happines & to die in peace.

    Anger remains to be my motivation in life. I shall continue to fight trying to stay alive and motived.

    • Need to calm down, just because our parents are fd up doesn’t mean we can’t be happy

    • You should try some psychedelics like maybe some mushrooms or something, possibly some dmt. We arent alone, and somthing definitely happens when we die. Whether it is a perceived extention of time as our brain dies, or whether our consciousness unplugs from our brain and we wake up on the other side something real happens when we leave our body. I am extremely comfortable with death after only a couple very awakening trips.

  5. I met someone who found 10 rock figure heads in Chiapas mexico. They were soo weird and I deff wanted one. His brother brought a few to California and gave one to him. He was selling it for $1,000 and his brother sold a few for over $10,000. His mom did not want that in their home so he just want it out. As I was gathering the cash he just stopped answering because he started receiving wires phone calls. I managed to take a picture of one and to this day I have never seen one just like it. It looked like a humanoid head but alien like too. It was a different type of rock and was Soo heavy. To this day I can’t find anything like it. I wish I could off gotten it for myself.

  6. Look at the structures built. I believe that most of these were built in the era of. 24,000 bce. To. 11,000bce. And all after were only copies of the great knowledge lost. There is a bad warp in our time frames !!!!!

    • Excellent coverage on this by Electrifying Vibrations on the tube – outstanding

    • makes you wonder how powerful we are if they have to constantly poison us everyday to keep us weak, then brainwashing us into believing this weakness is just our limit of strength.

    • Our local news station did a story about them. I’m here in Colorado and you can see them everywhere!

  7. Till the field, and toil.
    The bible makes it seem like punishment after they ate the fruit, but it is actual slavery in the guise of a consequence of actions.

    • Exactly, Genesis 2 lays it out clearly.

      In Genesis 1 the Elohim created mankind male _and_ female and instructed them to be fruitful and multiply and to eat of _ALL_ trees yeilding fruit. (My paraphrasing)

      Beginning in Gen. 2:4 god is referred to as _Lord_ god and created Adam from the soil (possibly dug up a corpse of a human created by Elohim and used dna to recreate adam?) because there was _not a man to till the ground_ -Gen 2:5 (none of the people on earth were planting and harvesting)

      Then he places Adam in the garden and restricts him from eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil – why? So that Adam can _keep it and dress it_ -Gen 2:15

      But after Adam and Eve had eaten from the TOK they were removed from the garden and couldn’t survive without cultivating the land and eventually eating animals because they were not accustomed to eating freely as Elohim had instructed in Genesis chapter 1.

  8. If people are saying this is all conspiracy theory, then why would that type of information need to be suppressed and covered up if it wasn’t true. Also when you do research on Egypt and mythology you clearly see where it leads to today.

  9. This is how you know there not true Gods.
    God doesn’t need gold, or slaves. That sounds so weak

  10. One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates✌️

    • If only this made any sense whatsoever. Spiritual ego/pretense.
      Look into the Seth material.

  11. If there’s one thing I’ve come to realize, it is that reality truly is stranger than fiction.
    If any of this is true…why aren’t we seeing more high level people going to jail for crimes against children?

    • …the first book I happened to read that really got me thinking outside the box was… ‘You’ll See It When You Believe It’ by Wayne W. Dyer.

  12. Sitchin was a 33rd degree-er. Those never reach fame and fortune without an agenda. We were NOT DESIGNED TO BE MINDLESS SLAVES.

  13. “Gold” is simply another word used to describe Spiritual Knowledge. Humans were never created as a “slave race” and to continue to push this falsehood only continues to encourage Humans to blame external sources for any misery they may experience.

  14. Now we are going through a time when the Anunnakis are coming back so be prepared to meet

  15. Some interesting stuff here but the gold angle is just silly.
    For starters, there’s infinitely more gold available in the asteroid belt than on earth, and far easier to extract using AI, drones, etc. UNMANNED. Musk and some others are already focused on asteroid mining starting in 2024.

    If the Anunnaki were half as advanced as suggested, they wouldn’t be monkeying around down here managing slave uprisings and other such nonsense. Come on, people. lol

  16. They acknowledge everything ancient people said besides the fact that the earth is flat, that always gets ignored. I don’t respect that.

  17. If a guy responds saying “abso-bloody-lutey” he’s definitely a not lying lol

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