How Your Inner Compass Leads You to Both Pleasure and Pain!

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How Your Inner Compass Leads You to Both Pleasure and Pain! Do you want to know what your inner compass is and how it can lead you to both pleasure and pain? Then keep watching my video

All people possess an internal guidance system. Sometimes people call it ‘the inner voice’. Sometimes people call it ‘the internal compass’. Sometimes people call it their emotional guidance system. This internal guidance system helps a person navigate life, make choices and keep heading towards their desires. But people make a faulty assumption about the internal guidance system. The faulty assumption people make is that the inner compass will always lead you to pleasure and never pain.

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Video References:

Why Follow Your Joy Doesn’t Always Work: 11:36

The Meaning of Pain: 14:40

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Teal Swan is a personal transformation revolutionary. She was born with a range of extrasensory abilities and is a survivor of severe childhood abuse. Today she uses her gifts as well as her own harrowing life experience to inspire millions of people towards authenticity, freedom and joy and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.

The result when people are restored to wholeness is that the world will be restored to wholeness. Teal Swan's teachings invite people to step fully into their authenticity, knowing that this will bring about the positive change that we want to see in the world.

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  1. I was actually thinking about this and how to tell the difference between

  2. Thank you Teal 💙 Right on time as always 💙 Healing humanity with every video 💙

  3. Week after week you upload all the videos that I need answers for especially this one.

  4. You don’t know what something good feels like until you know what something bad feels like I suppose 🤣

  5. The universe reveals its secrets to those who dare to follow their hearts 🙏🏽☀️✌🏽

  6. Learning how to trust my inner voice has been such a valuable tool to help me navigate my life. I used to always look outside to other people, usually older than me for advice, assuming they’d know far better, simply because they had more years life experience. That got me nowhere but trusting my inner compass has definitely upgraded my life.

  7. I’m someone who has always questions why I’m doing something and if I truly like it or feel called to it or not. I always wonder what will stick and what won’t because I hate investing in an idea or something that ends up not really being what I wanted. It’s annoying because it feels like I’m wasting time.

    For example the girls ski career who ended, I don’t want to waste all my time investing in skiing just to end up getting injured and learning what really fulfills me. I don’t want to go down any detours, I just want to go straight in the direction of what is best for me.

    To me this seems like a design flaw of the human experience. Experience the unwanted to learn what is wanted seems outdated and over complicated. The universe needs an update lol. Maybe our whole experience as humans is a detour, the universe will learn from us that this way of existence is not what is best for us. We thought we wanted to exist as humans, but realized that it’s not all it’s cracked up be.

    • @Millan Ferende I see what you’re saying. I’m impatient, but also I used to not know myself well until a certain age, and I feel like I missed out on so many years of self-awareness and what better directions I would have taken. It seems like just now I’m starting to do things I should have done years ago. It’s frustrating so I don’t want it to happen again. I guess I’m placing a negative meaning on my experiences instead of a positive one, but I just wish our reality was designed different lol.

    • The fact that you had that thought means the universe IS updating itself 😜 Thanks, btw, because I agree 🙌🏼

    • @grrrl yeah I relate to that too.. It’s nice to have started earlier. I myself have also missed out on some opportunities. Be glsd that you have discovered it now.. It is almost never too late. 🙂
      How old are you, if I may ask? (so I can relate myself)

    • @Millan Ferende I’m 23. I know I still have a lot to learn, but I just don’t really want to take any more detours when it comes to my life purpose or what I should be doing. I guess I compare myself with people who are successful at my age because they knew who they were and what they liked from a very young age. Also I want to figure out what that is now, and not later because all I have is now and if I’m wrong about who I am or what I want now then that sucks lol. I guess I embrace questions and uncertainty to protect myself from being wrong, but I also dislike that uncertainty.

  8. This is true. When I decided to actually follow my guidance I was met with pain beyond what I ever experienced before. But the difference between that pain and that pain that drove me forward to something more joyful, was a pain worth enduring. It was worthy pain and then later happiness, not pain without end like before because it got this meaning and purpose. Pain is worthy guidance, but only IF we choose it for outself to get to what we want. Our authentic goal in mind has to be clear at some point to be able to appreciate it.

  9. A deeper understanding your yourself leads to a higher quality of life. Teal always comes through with the knowledge bombs 💣

  10. The catalysts for spiritual evolution in my life were disguised as painful experiences. Thank God for hard times.

    • it means now is when i learn the most, between a rock and a hard place. Thank God for hard times.

  11. I kinda miss your old intro from Spirit Science, but I also like your new intro 😊

  12. I love how after the series of images of people crying or furrowing their brows in pain, the last one at 10:38 is like, “And now, here’s a picture of just a really good-looking man” lol

  13. SPOT ON TEAL. Thank you for this! I just ended a 5 year, not-very-fun “learning relationship” that I was very clearly led to enter. I am so freaking clear on who I am and what I want now 😂

  14. This space of awareness you’ve helped me open up will open my wings so I can soar. I thank you Teal Swan. ♡

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