How Tuned Are You With The Children? #Shorts

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How fine-tuned are you with the children? 🎶

Unconscious parents affect the subconscious mind of the children since early childhood 🧠. In this small video, clinical psychologist and parenting expert Dr. Shefali Tsabary explains what exactly is a conscious parent, a parent who raises their children instead of their inner child 🧒.

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About Dr. Shefali Tsabary:

✅ Endorsed by Oprah as “revolutionary” and “life-changing,” New York Times bestselling author and owning a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University, New York, Dr. Shefali is the foremost expert in the field of conscious parenting.

✅ Dr. Shefali’s journey into this radically new parenting paradigm arose from her own experience as a parent herself. Reacting irrationally to one of her then 3-year-old daughter’s tantrums, Dr. Shefali became deeply self-aware that her parenting frustrations were never about her child. Rather, it was about her own unmet childhood needs that she unconsciously projected on her own daughter. This profound realization led her to dissect and challenge the more ‘controlling nature’ of traditional parenting models – which, as soon discovered, often puts undue pressure on young children, robbing them of their confidence and autonomy.

✅ Merging western psychology and eastern philosophy, Dr. Shefali espouses a more conscious approach to parenting that centers around honoring our children as sovereign beings, creating real connections with them, and most importantly, raising our own consciousness as parents.

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  1. Dr. Shefali Tsabary is one of our awesome speakers at Mindvalley Summit! Let the world’s greatest minds awaken your biggest breakthrough on June 18th, 19th, and 20th 🔥. It’s gonna be a life-changing dive engineered to set you on a lifelong path of transformation. Sign up now 👉

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