How to Send a Mental Message to Someone!!! (TELEPATHICALLY) | Ralph Smart

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  1. Choose love over everything.
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    • @The Darkness you are following Ralph and learning his doctrine, so I can assume you are learning from people like ralph. You say your your own truth but how? What books do you read, so you believe new age is correct doctrine? I read the esoteric books all from the emerald tablets to the Qur’an. I learn from vadas not ralph. Ralph has the wrong interpretation of the knowledge mostly because he rejected the bible an important book that can only be understood by reading all the books. We can follow sin and the evil dark way or We can follow correct pure light. Ralph has the doctrine of lies and the truth is not in him. But your watching hoping for truth right? We only find the truth in the books and we only get sight through repentance. The dark brothers won’t unveil us until we repent.

    • @karen michelle fox Not learning from Ralph, just prefer like minded people and good energy. Everything you will ever need in this life is already inside you. No need to search any further. Conquer fear, you are free.

    • I don’t read books. I experience life and I write. If you are curious there is a link under the about tab in my YouTube.

    • So wild I just made a video about its time for us to be in love frequency and why we must embody it.

    • @Lee H he’s not prophesying what isn’t already written .. this isn’t his soul and only opinion. These things that he claims can be investigated. Do your own research and cone to him with s true difference of opinion. Think about Everything as a whole

    • @Amanda Davis No where can you show me in the Bible where it encourages spiritism, period. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Furthermore, we are human, strictly human. Such powers can only come from demons, facts. Do your own research, woman.

  2. Everybody must know and learn secrets of the beyond

  3. Supersonic super Sonic super Sonic motivated Real Talk Earth Angel w e a r g g

  4. I’mma send someone a message saying FEELS SO GOOD TO BE ALIVE BABYYY 💙⭐️

  5. I was just thinking about this and how to give someone a messege or get them to awnser a messege with youre mind

  6. Project the energy you want to see in others and you’ll be sending messages for all sorts of goodness to come your way 😌

    • Repent from all wickedness seek Jesus Christ he is coming soon he has given people time but it is starting to run out forget about the distractions of this world ruled by satan💯💯

    • @Lukas Akadian everybody in hell wish they could have 1 more chance but they can’t unfortunately and Jesus loves you and wants you to know that you can receive eternal life we can’t save ourselves we will all die one day

  7. It’s electric
    It’s solar
    It’s magnetic

  8. There was a time when I was speaking in my mind, and someone next to me was like, “Huh, what was that again?”.

  9. 5 things to quit right now:
    1. Overthinking
    2. Worrying
    3. Trying to make everyone happy
    4. Living in the past
    5. Doubting yourself

  10. Twins can oftentimes tell when something is wrong with the other twin

  11. Life changes when you think in terms of energy and vibration.

  12. shout out to everyone staying positive. I Wish everyone an abundance of LOVE.

  13. I wish everyone knew as much as Ralph. I’d be free to think

    • @Clif I am the embodiment of jesus. so are you, team work is required to wake the masses between all ascended masters to all spiritual practices and even though religion is mostly stupid even religion will do it’s part. Sorry to say it but you can’t just claim your lordship and expect to be forgiven xD

    • @Until The Sun Dies No I’m not and one day you are going to die you are not greater than God almighty who is omnipresent omnipotent and omniscient we will have to face him one day Christianity is not about being religious or a set of rules it’s about Jesus he helps us we can’t save ourselves because of our sin we must be born again💯

    • @Until The Sun Dies Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.
      – John 3:3

    • @Clif king of a planet if you ask me. I k ow his name is older than our planet so any earthly attachment is restricted in my view. We are all god don’t fool yourself. You have to power to kill anyone but you don’t so you have supreme power of something’s

  14. Hey YOU!! Yeah you…. life is good! Keep going. Keep trying and never quit. We got this!

  15. We have to think like a tree. It releases all the dead leaves in order to grow.

  16. Thoughts transcend time and space, they’re everywhere. We’re far more powerful than we’re led to believe

    • Facts⚡⚡
      Follow me im doing the science behind the LOA and more!

  17. I was feeling sad over this bc I’m around people who aren’t able to do this just yet and I’ve had this ability since a little girl. I felt alone these past few days but I don’t anymore. Thank you for this video. You don’t understand how much it means to me❤️✨ blessings and gratitude. Sending a telepathy message to you right now😄

  18. Sending you (Ralph) and everyone else reading this endless love and good vibes 😊

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