How to Rewire Your Mind for Wealth! Mind Training for Money! Financial Expert Barbara Huson

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Did you know your mind may be working against you rather than for you when it comes to money?

Barbara Huson, daughter of one of the co-founders of H&R Block used to struggle tremendously with money, until she had a break-through. She realized her mind was getting in her way of making money.

It limited how much she could make, how much she could keep, and put a ceiling on everything—except overwhelming stress and anxiety.

Until she learned the secret, how she could rewire her mind for wealth.

And that's just what she discusses in this powerful, wealth-building, abundance-liberating interview.

Topics include:

* The “foolish” habit we get to kick
* Why are our minds so jumbled when it comes to money?
* What does shame, pain and trauma have to do with money?
* Four key components needed to Rewire for Wealth—mind, body, spirit, and finances
* Key strategies ANYONE can follow for investing
* The three steps of the rewire process
* The power of reframing
* What’s the OTHER serenity prayer
* What’s it mean to stretch when it comes to money
* Tips for taming anxiety when it comes to money
* How to use anger to fuel you!
* What’s the truth about resistance?
* What’s an angry letter?

Get the key tools to rewire your money for wealth in this fascinating, money-building interview!

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  1. So excited to hear she’s an ACIM student! I wondered why I was drawn to listen to this – not usually stoked to hear about the same old Secret/wealth mindset stuff. 🙂

    • I’m not really interested AT ALL in this topic either, usually 😕 However, I totally enjoy the show and every single person he’s ever had on.
      Needless to say, I am h🤩🤩ked after the first 5 minutes 🤣💖🙏💞

  2. Michael, awesome how you uncovered a new money memory there, and how it correlates with prior adult money struggles. This can only bode well for the future!

    The part about doing what you fear – I can see why that can be an effective strategy, breaking through old negative stuff, etc; however, what if it’s your intuition trying to legitimately warn you not take a certain risk? I suppose you have to know how to feel the distinction.

    Thanks for another great guest. Barbara certainly has a great understanding of the relationship between money, our conflicting ego/spirit energies, and our childhoods. So interesting. 💛

  3. Spend less !!!! Thatsfor people who have enough money and spend too much !!! Not for people who struggling to pay the rent and buy food and struggle to pay the bills when you hardly have money left !!! Please make these ” programs ” for the real people not for people who are ” struggling ” if they should buy Pradas or not !!! Real struggling people can hardly buy the cheapest of the cheapest of the shoes or bread who doesnt contain/have 1% of wheat/flower in it !!! Please be real ?! I get the message but , dont you need to bring the message to the masses and not to the 1 or 5% of the population who struggle to buy the Pradas !? They struggle because they greedy and cant stop buying ! This is just my opinion ….

    • You’re absolutely right. All of these programs are not aimed at people who really need the help. It’s really upsetting.

  4. Again too many ads 😭. So did you go commercial? Joe vitale i quit too watching. Just make it add free and fun to watch again 🌏💚💚

  5. Just listening to this on the early hours of the morning here in Europe. Just after my automatic writing routine…where I was told you are RICH, align with your RICHES out there. It is so easy once you align! Thi is such an appropriate follow up! Thank you again!

  6. Very disappointed when I just found out it’s not even published yet. Not till Jan 21st.

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