How To Reprogram Your Mind & Change Your Life For The Better

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Niraj Naik explains what the brain’s “default mode network” is and how this is associated with our functioning in daily life. This also leads to the question, “Do we really have free will?” There’s a lot more to this discussion that involves how we were actually born with free will but grew up with all this conditioning that is borderline robotic. So how can you change this and reprogram yourself so you’re living more of the life you really want and make choices of your own?

Listen to this episode as Niraj shares some interesting insights that will help you ponder how you can change your life for the better with no holds barred.

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  1. Thank you Brett that is so Damm amazing, I feel exactly like the words that flow from your lips thank you my friend you have touched and inspired me to keep fighting and searching!!!!!

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