How To Read A BIRTH CHART For Beginners! (Everything You Need to DIY An Astrology Reading!)

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How To Read A BIRTH CHART For Beginners! (Everything You Need to DIY An Astrology Reading!)

In this video, Heather walks you through how to generate and interpret your Natal Chart—perfect video for beginners who want to dive deeper into learning about themselves through astrology!

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  1. I use that book as well and J. Woolfolk’s book is recommended to anyone serious about Astrology.

  2. What about when the red opposition lines create a triangle? Are all of those planets in harmony?

    • That’s called a T-square and it’s a very challenging, disharmonious aspect.

  3. Hi Heather! Found you from Kesenya. Love you both! Recently discovered Carole Taylor’s book “Astrology Using the Wisdom of the Stars in Everyday Life” It’s so great for beginners! Cheers!

  4. unfortunately is not reliable. A couple of months ago the free website started calculating my rising sign incorrectly. When I contacted them, they blew me off saying they don’t provide customer service for free services!

    • I’ve had the exact opposite experience with astro and their customer service! Whenever there is a discrepancy in the chart between theirs and another software I often use, I always contact them to clear it up and they always get back to me and are super helpful. Typically, is the one that has the correct chart and the other software is incorrect.

    • @Astrology with Heather is the only site that has been inconsistent and terrible customer service. Within the last year my ascendant changed on Which one is correct than? Their response to my request: “Thank you for your message.
      Please note, that we do not give any support for questions regarding our
      free services on the website.
      Maybe it might be a good idea to ask your question in our forum.

      Thank you for your understanding.

      With best regards
      Astrodienst AG, Sonja Leopold

    • @Earth Unlimited I’m a paid user, so that’s probably the difference. They always respond to my questions ASAP but I do understand why they can’t answer questions personally for thousands of people all over the world.

    • @Astrology with Heather The question wasn’t personal. I went out of my way to point out a bug in their algorithm.

  5. Synchronicity on way high! I have just dived into trying to learn my chart! Got a beautiful book from ma in law writual sacred planners with birth chart space and tarot space for year month week and day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. I was born in Peshawar at home. At that time people didn’t care about birthday. They didn’t even know the year they were born. The lucky ones know only what year they were born and if you were too lucky, and had educated parents you would know the day and the month, but no one remembers the exact time.

  7. Excellent info. Ordered the book, but I’d really like your input on my reading how would I go about getting this done heather?

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