How to Raise Your Vibration – Top 5 Ways!

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Learn how to raise your vibration and personal frequency in a way that sticks with these top 5 ways!

What happens when you raise your vibration?

We live in a vibrational universe which means that everything and everyone vibrates at one frequency or another. Even objects that seem completely solid like a rock, or a desk are actually mostly space, vibration, and are actually energy in motion.

This means that once you know how to do it, you can raise you vibrational frequency to start living a more joyful, vibrant, fulfilling and high vibrational life now.

Raising your vibration changes your energetic resonance, it unlocks the power of the Law of Attraction so you can start manifesting blessings in your life and more than that, send forth positive light and energy to bless and benefit All.

Take the next step… Listen to a FREE Raise Your Vibration meditation here:

Or … Learn how to maintain a high vibration here:

Then… Learn even more about how to raise your vibration by Clearing Blockages and Negativity here:

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    • Much love and bright blessings back to you! ✨😇☀️🌠🌟💛✨

    • Ah thank you. So much love back to you! ✨🤗☀️🌠🌟✨

  1. Thank You Queen 🙌🏽 Blessings Upon Blessings 🦋☀️🧚🏽‍♀️🌻🧘🏽‍♀️

    • 100000% yes! It was so hard to narrow down to 5… I feel this fits in: do more of what lights you up. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. The big sphere is there too!! I recall the video about how to see the future🤩 and the big buddie in the opposite corner? Is lemurian seeded quartz? Isn’t him?

  3. Things that raise my vibrations is listening to music and playing my acoustic guitar they raise my vibration and make me feel at peace

  4. This goes along with Dr. Royal Raymond Rife work with frequency. He proved everything gives off a frequency and to be a healthy human your frequency needs to be between 62 and 72 hz. He built the Rife machine and cured 19 patients of cancer but this conflicted with big pharma and he was branded a quack and left the country.

  5. Melanie you have such a beautiful soul and voice and nature behind you in your videos. Your vibrational energy emits unconditional love and always feels as a spiritual blessing.

  6. Dancing can raise our vibration, listening and using other senses to connect to the Wiser minds of Nature and Natures Wiser over-mind always helps for me in the sense of bringing me back to truth instead of fooling myself about the levels I have reached. I believe sexual fantasy and sex itself can raise our vibration too, as long as it is consensual and even goes beyond consensual in that consent is theirs but so are better and better ways of elevating each other, affirming each other, educating each other, pleasuring each other and raising each others vibrations on multiple levels

    Raising each others vibrations on many levels from the atomic, cellular, body, survival, mundane, domestic, responsibility, social, educational, pleasurable, spiritual, fairy tale, romantic, nurturing, natural force, global, cosmic, multidimensional and Deity levels before, during and after sexual experience and also outside the sexual realms in our lives. I myself have not been able to do this very effectively but in myself it is an unrealistic goal as I am unattractive on many levels, I only really have fantasy, in others it could be a realistic goal.

  7. I need to go hug a tree. As for the rest I do daily and feel fabulous. ❤️

  8. Gratefulness and forgiveness will definitely raise your vibration. Along with letting go your ego and go with the flow of the universe. Let go of your set intention or expectations and ask universe for your manifestation. Good points for #1…fighting drama will lower vibration. Eeks! Lotions and shampoos, remove unnatural chemicals!!! And fear is not good as negativity is bad for your vibration; just to expect there will have evil and good in this world but do good and set good intention for our own manifestation. (Ah, meditation to reset our mind and set our uplifting manifestation to achieve what we desire). Meditate in nature will help with recharge your energy (ask help and connect from mother earth). Ah, house plant can also help😊, good! Forgive others and forgive OURSELVES so we can let go the hurt and stop the cycle of hurting from other to you and to possibly another. Live in present and chose wisely to raise your vibrations and manifest your great being in light form. Find your strength to contribute to earth of your purpose in this life and to shine your light and high vibrations to possibly assist others who might be in need. Thank you Melanie!!😄

  9. Wow! Your in Sedona! A Tad more southwest of my home Mesa, 1st of the Sichomovi plaza from The butterfly/badger clan! I’m an empath, earth angel from matriarchal Hopi/Tewa true blood lines! Duhiis mana or Hek pah mana are my birth names! AHO,Esqualee, Kunna ah, mahalo, Gracias!! Thanks for your vital 411 to spiritual heal & cleanse, purify, eat, love, mindfulness ya! I love the oak creek area, learned how to swim nearby slide rock as well!! I’m at my second humble home in Elyria, OH! CJ Denet

    • Yes, Sedona is such a beautiful place!! You feel it is indeed a gift or bonus to earth! 🙏✨✨😊 Love to visit there again! You certainly could reenergize in that surrounding!

  10. Wow Melanie this is great glad I found your channel. What a year I’ve had .Lost my father was visited by Arch Angel Michael .Awakened and started inviting angels into my life .Buying my dream house now have a successful business.Ive ascended and it feels amazing .Cant even describe this life I’ve been blessed with .My vibrations are through roof, hope everyone can experience this feeling of love.

    • That is awesome, congratulations, certainly when I took staying in high vibes seriously I noticed similar results in the physical life that was matching those frequencies…but so sorry about your father’s passing but he helped facilitate your awakening and connection with AA Michael. When my brither named Michael passed in ’98 he came to me several days later and was instrumental in getting me out of the closet so to speak as a medium and since 2001 I’ve helped bridged the 2 worlds for thousands of people and helped in their healing. and lastly yes, I can experience that feeling of love which cannot be described which is why I started my YT channel this past June. Namaste

    • @The Medium Channel Thank you so much for the kind words , just subscribed to your channel.

    • @Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes Aww thank you. Spirit told me to start that channel during my New Years Eve ceremony last Dec. with no video or technical experience so I had to apply what I teach to get to the next level just to do in order to do it, which meant facing a lot of fear and past trauma. but my videos are improving..but my favorite part of all this has been being active on the comment streams of other spiritual teachers and meeting other awakened and awakening souls like you…it’s a buiding community here…the great awakening

    • I’m thanking spirit for finding you… Brought me here to this channel when I asked for help. 🤍

  11. My tribal, universal, sacred traditions of blessed cedar, cornmeal & hopi songs, ceremony do heightens, factually manifests the spiritual power, of crystal sword, wand, my gifted & purified prayers feathers are my Creators tools for this genuine peace activist/ truther of researching even before Christ’s eras!! I’m honored & appreciative to have you speak into my vibe of heart, soul as it’s old ya! CJ DENET

  12. Melanie, watching your video is always like drinking the freshest, energy boosting, cleansing tea. Your content alone is recharging! Very appreciative of your content.

  13. I am super sensitive to food. If i eat well my energy is way higher. Please do a vid just about nutrition and all the aspects of food,❤️🌎🐬

  14. Great video, There’s so much I could comment on because I practice virtually all of it but I had to comment because I did a video recently where I showed people how to engage energetically with the trees for recharging and getting messages…trees have records of hundreds of years. and they speak to us….you can do this with large rocks too and the rock which is alive and vibrating may show you something from thousands of years ago for they are much older than trees. Here’s what I’ve learned from the trees …they not only regulate O2 and CO2 on the planet, they regulate the energy. Some trees transmit cosmic energy into the Earth, others release energy from the Earth back to the cosmos, some do both….so all the deforestation puts stress on the energy balance on Earth so they as us who understand and can hold space to help the tress do their job and transmit energies from heaven to earth and Earth to Heaven..or cosmos…and the trees are a network of energy or part of a unified field as we all are so they work in unison and of course overcutting of trees upsets this balance…..anyway just wanted to share this tidbit here…thank you SO much for your work.

    • That is so wonderful! Sir, if you could share more about trees on your channel if you wish to do so, it would be so greatly appreciated !! I love love trees so much. I have a connection with them. I would love to get to know more! Blessings to you💜💜

    • Stellar Sphinx That is a great suggestion. Thank you. Blessings upon the trees

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