How To OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE!! (Decalcify Your Pineal Gland 100%) | “Pineal Gland Activation 101.”

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  1. May the person reading this be blessed tenfold today.

    • I think you’re just wonderful! Sending much Aloha🌺 to you. Keep doing what you do. You are changing people’s lives and opening their hearts 💖
      Mahalo nuí loa 🙏

    • Ok fine, I’ll let myself be blessed tenfold but only if you’re being blessed elevenfold! Haha, peace dude!

  2. “You are not limited to this body, to this mind, or to this reality—you are a limitless ocean of Consciousness, imbued with infinite potential. You are existence itself. Remember you don’t have a soul, you ARE a soul and you have a body.” 😌

  3. “Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye.” – Bill Hicks 😆

  4. Affirm:
    I am attracting good things into my life.

  5. Thank you for the important reminders, Ralph … would be a good topic for livestream.

  6. Tele = Mind Vision = Eye so a Television Program means that they are programming your Mind’s Eye

  7. Hey Ralph! I bought You’re a book! Thank you for reviewing how to open your third eye. I’ve been taking notes off of you for years. And I am glad to know that I’m still on the right track with this third eye open review that you’re doing. You’re an awesome human being and I’m proud to walk on the same planet as you. Have a great day.

  8. Third eye is too spiritual…. You see things the normal two eyes things can’t see…. It’s like inviting heaven and destroying hell

  9. Open your first eye and you see the world for what it is.

  10. Hey Ralph. I just purchased Tryathon & Feel Alive. Supporting my Kings. Good Vibes.

  11. Older generations were exposed to all these wonderful natural things and it doesn’t seem like their third eye had a big impact on their lives. They commited many atrocites. Trying to live consciously and correcting negative thoughts is a damn great start. Thanks Ralph ! ✌✌

  12. “Be open minded to all opinions but know that only 1 in A Billion opinions will be correct ✔”- corona virus

  13. “If thine eye be single, your whole body will fill with light”- Jesus Christ

    “The eye is the lamp of the body.” – Jesus Christ

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