How to Manifest Money and Abundance in Your Life! The Alchemy of Money! Michael Sandler –

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Attracting money and abundance is simpler than you think, if you understand the energy behind it!

Tonight we'll look at how you can transmute the energy around money, the energy around your blocks to money, and how you can truly manifest more money in your life!

In this fascinating youtube live event, you'll learn how to reframe money in your mind, become an attractor magnet, and leave many (and over time ALL) of your money stresses behind!

Topics include:
1. A new paradigm in viewing money
2. The importance of how you energetically imprint your money
3. The difference between "spending" and "sending" money into the world
4. What in the world is "happy money"
5. A new way to use gratitude to attract money into your life
6. What the masters, including Napoleon Hill of Think and Grow Rich, have to say about attracting money!

Michael Sandler has been a manifestation coach for over 25 years and is the host of the top podcast Inspire Nation Show where he's interviewed nearly 1500 of the world's experts on money, manifestation, and attracting the life you desire!

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