How To Manifest Love in 2021 ( Law of Attraction SECRETS REVEALED )

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How to manifest love in 2021 using the secret law of attraction. WATCH THIS VIDEO and learn tips from Tren Genius and Mya on how to manifest your love in 2021.

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  2. Sometimes Love ain’t d answah but God knows I tried when I had it

    Btw she like you Big Brudda Tren I could tell

  3. Sometimes love is right under nose when god sends you a beautiful women like ya girl don’t let it go for granted he sends us people for certain reasons. My wife changed my life we met and we were almost tue same exact age had everything almost in common mainly the core values and spiritual belief systems aligned btw she chose me and I was living my life as a man on my own happy to be single not chasin women and she came along. I seen miracles occur after I surrendered to gods plan for our life. We had a baby girl, bought a house I got off drugs alcohok, became successful in work. And I worked on my goals and manifesting the things that mattered most.

  4. Factz y’all both are 💯% right and it’s amazing her name is MAYA and my name is Shamaya but they call me Maya for short lol she’s so cute too love her smile

  5. You guys have a beautiful vibe together. I like the feminine energy represented. So sweet. Happy new year Tren. Much love from Toronto.

  6. When you can feel someone more than you can see them, you’ve met your twin flame❤️🙌🏽

  7. I agree. Learning to accept yourself to the point that it flows over. Compliment eachother like peanut butter and jelly or cookies and milk. Good words.

  8. Yes you must heal and focus on self….continued self love and healing for me and the love for all my goals…. Investing in myself without apologies or approval….I am not chasing anything….💚💚💚💚 I loooooove myself

  9. I feel like I finally manifested my twin flame at the very end of 2020 after years of focusing on myself. This is the best year ever!!

  10. She is cute Trienus better manifest love with her LOL nah I’m joking but she is bad I would fall in love with her any day Trienus better stop playing and make that his lady lol

  11. I’m married the year 2020 all through the blessings were their yet while spending more time with each other I realized a lot of things that i want more of, while growing in self love meditating and fasting, it wasn’t until later this year a connection with a spiritual vibe with a special guy who seems to lighten my spirit and i’ve even made him my “money Honey” look up money honey ya’ll on youtube it’s very scary cause you feel the shift and at the same time you don’t wanna end chapters that might not have supposed to be open.

  12. Treen i hope you fall in love with the right one. I hope she realizes how special you are and inseparable, yes i agree your soul will surprise you, who you desire wow wow wow you never know Ya’ll do you believe in love and magical moments

  13. I wanna manifest loving myself the best way first then someone else ❤️💯

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