How to Imprint Your Desires on the Universe – A Secret to the Law of Attraction! Michael Sandler

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Affirmations, mantras, mission-statements and vision-boards, sure, these are all important, but when it comes to the Law of Attraction, you need one more key, vital, essential piece.

You need to IMPRINT your desires upon the Universe. Words are exceptionally important, but if you don’t have a means to impress your wishes into the printing-press of the Universe, it can be a very long time before things change.

So tonight we’ll be talking about that printing press, and how to use emotions, visualization, and the hynagogic state to impress your wishes to the Universe, and help your dreams come true!

We'll talk Neville Goddard, Napoleon Hill, and even Emile Coue as we look at key ways to cast the biggest stone of attention into the greatest pond of intention, to create the greatest waves of attraction, you ever possibly could!

Coach and author, Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee are the co-hosts of the wildly popular podcast, the Inspire Nation Show. They've interviewed over 1200 experts, authors, and spiritual masters worldwide, and do worldwide coaching, mentoring and teaching at the highest level.

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  1. I’m Here!!! I am learning so much from you Michael…I am so eager to see my growth as I follow along with your words…I feel so thankful to be here, right now…Much love to you and all that you do 🙏 P.s Michael can you please tell me what is the wrist band you are always holding on your palm during your videos and what is the purpose of wearing it that way?

  2. Coincidence or not, started listening to Napoleon Hill last night!
    Read his books couple of years ago and every time I have another aha moment!

  3. At 11:11 PM my time…I put an intention out to the universe for you both to have a very healthy, happy, and safe year for 2021! Take care you two…Much love your way…😍 Pamela

  4. Namastè Michael. This is exactly the reminder I needed. You’re such a good teacher! Keep up the good work. Blessings to you, Jessica & your household pets. Johannesburg, South Africa

  5. You are both incredibly inspirational. Thank you for putting so much effort into your lives….they’re incredibly educational and uplifting.

    Wishing you both the very best for 2021🙏🏻

    • Thank you so much, Yolanda! We extend the warmest wishes to you as well for this coming new year! ❤️

  6. Michael, I awakened this morning to meditate. You popped up and I am happy to listen to you in preparation to meditate. You’re just the person I need to hear this morning. I’m 76 and restoring my memory. I’d love to participate in the class you have room for one more person. I love people. I love helping others. I lost my job in January 2019. I’ve got a lot of life to live. I love your directional skills. I saw you with Roo Roo yesterday. Looking forward to a more magical life. I’m happy about all riches falling into my life.

  7. Love your happy, smiling faces! Just want to say a huge Thank You for all your progs n guests n animals n rooster! Lol! Enjoyed it all and look fwd to much more from yous as we go into this new Golden Age! Can’t wait! Much love n prosperity for 2021! KX

  8. Jessica & Michael Love your high vibes, You both are glowing.
    Thank you for all that you brought to humanity this year you’re a gift to the planet thank you for your work so appreciate you!
    Blessings blessings blessings! 🙏💜🕊️

  9. Thank you both. I started to listen to you this morning before I went to work. Such a good way to start the day ❤️🙏

  10. Did you two look into the Santa Cruz CA mountains? This area has every outdoor love you both have. Plus it’s chock full of like minded people

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