How to Hack Happiness! Learn Happiness Hacks that Work Fast! Dain Heer | Access Consciousness

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Learn how to hack happiness, and access higher states of consciousness, any time you want!

Happiness isn't a happy accident – there are key tools you can use to switch your mindset, almost on a moment's notice to your happy place.

Dain Heer, of Access Consciousness, shares powerful tools to shift your mindset, and get to a happier place, even when the going is rough.

You'll learn:

* One question to shift your entire state
* How to keep your energy up, when things "appear" to be down
* The danger of thinking you need to be "fixed"
* How to discover the greatness inside of you
* One question that once-and-for-all will allow you to fully be you
* The importance of asking "what's possible" (and when to use it)
* What it means that your "wrongness" is exactly what is right with you!

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