How to Get Over the Fear of Responsibility

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How to get over the fear of responsibility? The fear of responsibility is actually common enough that it has even been given a name: Hypengyophobia.


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  1. We have to take charge of our own life, otherwise someone else will do that for us. Much love🙌🏻💚

    • Every word in this video is true. We are all given a gift and we have the responsibility of using this gift to help others and ourselves without overpowering others.

    • Like I did all my life. Is there an anonymous responsobility phobs club? Maybe we can create one

  2. Synchronicity on this one… i need to take responsibility. “Resonsibility comes with awareness” Osho.

    • Lol, for me too in a way. However, I feel that I take way to much responsibility. But maybe it’s because my concept of responsibility is totally mixed up with my concept of guilt.

  3. I am responsible for Goddess and educating humanity. Now that’s responsibility…😛

  4. I was JUST telling a friend during a hike that I love children and really want them but I can’t take the responsibility of having a partner or kids. This was meant for me

    • Taking responsibility is what gives meaning to our lives. It makes life meaningful enough to make the suffering of life bearable. I am paraphrasing Dr. JB Peterson. I wish I had understood this when I was young…. Women have a marriage clock and a baby clock, and it runs out faster than you think.

  5. This makes me think about this frase i once heard. Responsibility is the ability to respond. Which helped me to look differently towards the idea of responsibility. Gave me a much freeër interpetation. Plus after hearing your words on the subject., it makes me want to look deeper into it. So thank you.

  6. Always gotta take responsibility. No medder what.

    But no wonder my brother was irresponsible.

    Edit:i almost always mix boring or repetitive responsibilities with something fun like listening to music

  7. you feel very “airy” today. like freedom.

    This might be the video that touched me the most. almost everything you said about this is something that i’ve struggled with. pretty much spot on.

    i bulldozed the hell out of myself because i feel like not taking responsibility will result in pain or being looked down on or disconnection. and it feels disgusting to take responsibility like this.

    i know i always wanted to take responsibility and be empowered. i remember having fantasies about that but knowing that it’s impossible. because of all these inexplainable , indescribable “things” in the way. (which is the things you described)

    and yeah.. definitely true about the conflict part. i avoid conflict completely because that means game over. that means disconnection forever. i see it as something like that. and if i am identified with the relationship with the person or with the other person , it’s even worse.

  8. Everyone, trauma or not, needs to take responsibility for their lives. Nobody else can do that for someone. Most of us want to help others whenever we can, but not if nothing ever changes. We all need to fix our own crap so we aren’t sucking the life out of others when they try to help.

  9. I hugely fear taking financial responsibility for my life. My body was seriously contracting during this video 😬😖😩

  10. This links into drinking alcohol to build confidence…Jordan Peterson and Teal Swan podcast PLEASE!!!!

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