How to Find Inner Peace in a World of Chaos!

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We are living in exceptional times, and things are not going to be slowing down anytime soon. As humanity completely recalibrates to new systems, social structures, and ways of doing things – those of us called to be embodiments of our highest calling have the opportunity to step into greater realities each and every day…

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  1. Just did a quantum leap guided meditation to my desired self and had tears falling and then this video was just posted (!!) and it’s confirmation that I’m readyyyy

    • May I ask where you found the guided meditation? I’ve done something similar in astral projection but I’d like to revisit

    • @Raven Cranston yes of course! It was Brian Scott’s video titled “The 10 Minute Quantum Jump Meditation” 🙂 I love his channel

    • @Katariina Maria I have been doing this meditation for a few month now twice a day, and wow this makes you feel amazing, try some hemi sync meditation and see how it works for you 🙏

  2. I’m more than ready we are already there. Seize the day gods and goddesses.

  3. YES, I’m Ready! Be Blessed EVERYONE! 😍🙏 Namaste’ 🌟💖!

  4. The real dis-ease is not the “pandemic” nor it’s “variants” it’s the assault on peoples minds!

    • I’m kinda surprised on Spirit Science’s take on this. I thought they would have a more balanced perspective. I’m glad people in the comments do.

    • @Voluntary Comrade Precisely why I commented this way. I appreciate most of what SS puts out but their inability to see through the veil sometimes should be addressed.

    • I couldn’t even finish watching this video because it oozes BS. I usually love all their videos though 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • @Winston Smith I think they are based in a place where this type of rhetoric is the default. In my own life I have found that I have changed my view to at least fit in with the crowd. I no longer do this but it is a harder path to go. SS works with a large team to produce these videos and so I can empathize with their need to not rock the boat internally with their message as this is a very polarizing topic.

      I imagine this to be the age of Horus where the child demands answers. We all have our role to play in demanding truthful answers, and we may not all agree on what are the right questions.

    • Absolutely, there is no new strain, just a different strain or attempt to capture the Hearts & Minds of unsuspecting, Ignorant or arrogant Souls. Its “Mouth to Mind”, not body to body, hence the word “Viral” is analogous to Verbal and is spread or perpetuated by “word of mouth”. In the beginning was the “Word” – that’s the power of the Spoken Work to make itself manifest in peoples realities! Change the “Word”, change the Reality! End of Story 🙂 PEACE

  5. The timing of this video could not be any better I just finished watching dark night and kept repeating how do you expect us to be decent people in an indecent time.

  6. Thank you for this I am sooooo ready! It’s exactly what I needed today! Talk about synchronicity!

  7. I’ve been ready for a long time and I’m still ready as ever! Always moving forward!

  8. I’m ready to become a creator. I had covid before and I thought I had my soul ripped out of my body, but I decided not to live the rest of my life in fear. I started making YouTube videos and finding where my heart is while I continue to work on myself. I want to continue making these videos to improve. They aren’t the best videos right now, but it’s something.

  9. Wow, I’m so sad, all you’re doing is spreading more fear and lies…covid is not getting worse and places that never really shut down are experiencing none of its deadly outcomes…the media and the government sure hope you keep staying scared and inside as does this guy so he can sell his stuff. Honestly reality is purely belief, so do believe you live in a reality where it’s worse or better?

  10. I just smoked weed after over ten years… And I it’s calm me down by a lot…

  11. I’m ready, I’m ready, I’M ready- that’s a sponge Bob quote.. I’m ready lol

  12. As far as “objective reality” is concerned, ALL that has happenned is that entreched power has become more entrenched.Whether this is by design or not is nearly irrelelevant because the result is the same. We must each forge our own path forward through a morass of deception, vapidity and greed. Only then, will ANY of this, we are experiencing, make any sense.

  13. I’m shocked at you. Have followed you for a long time and now to hear you spreading virus fear porn I can’t believe it

  14. Why are you acting like this is an actual thing to be worried about and not a total tool being used to destroy civilization

  15. Emotions are electromagnetic fields and emotions can get stuck in parts of our body and impede energy flow the same way a magnet can stop the flow through a wire. Stay happy. It keeps you strong and healthy more than you know

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