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If you’ve been looking for a way to overcome your negative self talk… look no further! In this video, you’re about to discover the work of celebrated motivational speaker and best-selling author, Lisa Nichols. You’ve probably heard the idea that thoughts become things, and in this vid, Lisa provides some great tips on how you can begin to change your belief system when you have disempowering thoughts. As you watch, I’ll be highlighting the concepts I think you should pay special attention to. If you’re ready to tackle your disempowering thoughts and turn around your negative thinking, watch this video now!

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Remember too that the Mind Movies channel has a wide selection of personal development and Law of Attraction playlists at your disposal. Looking for some additional support for turning around that negative thinking. Try this playlist entirely dedicated to Positive Thinking!

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  1. This is true. But where I have an issue with it is this- we made a contract when our spirit decided to come to Earth in physical form. Some people came here to experience poverty. So even though they can create wealth in their life, it goes against the very reason they came here. I’m struggling with this because I don’t know exactly what I am here to experience.

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