How To Control Your Brain

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The two sides of our brain respond very differently when faced with danger. The Einstein part of the brain is logical and in control, versus the Frankenstein part of the brain that is highly reactive in more basic terms. The Frankenstein brain wants to kick in as soon as we see or perceive danger and wants to react either with fight, flight or freeze. This leads to potentially destructive behavior and stress, as our body pumps adrenaline into our system that increases our heart rate to prepare us for action. When there is no wild animal or enemy to fight off though, this physical response is uncomfortable and even unhealthy over the long-term.

The best way to gain mental and emotional control is to breathe, slowly and deeply, and train your brain on the positive. You need to turn on the part of the brain (Einstein brain) that you want to have in charge, and when one side of the brain is engaged, the other one is quieted down.

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  1. “we do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure” ,…”overriding anxiety.. awareness, intention, action”, yes I really want to do that…and learn to use my brain better and not for this negative self-talk,. Thank you so much for this video John and all your work – so helpful!

  2. THE HOLY GRAIL!!! I am not my brain, hand or my dipstick. I have’ em but am not these circuits!! Hittin gym now, 2:45 am!!

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