How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides! The Power of Automatic Writing | Michael Sandler and CJ Liu

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Connecting with your spirit guides is simpler than you think. You don't need a medium, a channel, a Ouija board, or a master…you can do it yourself with the click of a pen.

Automatic writing's an ancient technique that allows you to go quiet, put pen to paper, and hear from your guides!

Through automatic writing you can discover your purpose, path, and direction, find out why things have happened the way they have, answers to your most pressing questions, and even how to communicate with loved ones on the other side.

In this phenomenal discussion between CJ Liu and Michael Sandler, you'll learn how automatic writing can help you connect with your own, personal spirit guides.

You'll discover:
* The time of day spirit is most accessible
* The difference between automatic writing and journaling
* How automatic writing can give you powerful guidance and direction in your life
* What to look for, and watch out for, when you begin
* How to tell if your automatic writing is coming from your spirit guides, or your thinking mind

Once you learn automatic writing, you'll never feel alone, or quite as lost, ever again.

So join us for this extra special event!

CJ Liu is the host of the ever-popular Fire It Up with CJ Radio Show in Seattle.

Michael Sandler is a channel, medium, and host of the #1 podcast Inspire Nation Show, where he's interviewed nearly 1500 hundred experts, authors, and spiritual masters. He can be found on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Patreon, and now on Clubhouse.

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  1. I hope this video helps people that may be confused about this process, which might be different for everyone.

    For instance, for me, I pray to God to connect with my spirit guide, Jesus, and read The Bible, or go to church.

    But I appreciate the freedom to explore as I was staunchly agnostic for over a decade and considered myself “spiritual but not religious”. I respect most differing opinions (provided nobody is getting hurt) and appreciate whenever somebody is trying to connect with their spirit as a reflective opportunity for Divine Intervention in their life, or what have you.

    I think work like this is so valuable and important. So powerful. To help others on their path to deeper meaning in life is commendable. Thank you for exploring in such a public, open forum about such a personal and intimate subject as spirituality.

  2. May divine guidance that flows within all that exist bring forth the knowledge that you have within you Tonight… Both creator and creation mangled as one within the Divine Matrix we call source…

  3. Iv heard your voice on podcast. But seeing you. So beautiful inside and out. And Michael your FABULOUS!! And your beautiful wife. SO BLESSED 🧚🏻‍♂️🌸🧚🏻‍♂️🌸🧚🏻‍♂️🌸

  4. Again, I am so happy to receive your book soon ♥️ Is this like being a medium?

  5. Loved this chat! Love to hear your experiences! Thank you! 🙏🏻💖💫

    • That’s where Jessica’s from, and we lived with her family for several years as we began diving into Automatic Writing and starting this show.

  6. Have you noticed any difference in quality when typing versus handwritten automatic writing?

    • Hi Wayne, brilliant question. I loved the initial depth I got when handwriting, but with practice that depth came back, and I just couldn’t keep up with the torrent of words when I was writing. Everyone’s different, Jessica still prefers handwriting, I believe she loves the “feel” of it. Be well and keep shining bright Wayne!

  7. Beautiful insightful awesome loving lecture thank you si much!I went totally numb on my left side. Multiple Tests revealed nothing. Still get numb in fingers . I was in alot of emotional pain l le Belle indifference. I quit drinking alcoholically then . Started the next part of my spiritual journey

  8. Wow, have not seen CJ Liu in long time, as lost contact with her YT channel. How inspiring to hear about her enlightening experience. Hope her body stays strong & well as we get thru this Covid time. I’ll have to try celery juice for detox, as her face does have a healthy glow! Michael, can’t wait to get & read your AWE book as soon as I see it in B&N store. Great interview! 💜💚💛

  9. WhenCJ Lui sprayed whatever I smelled a lovely aroma, does it have an aroma, or could it be coincidence, but don’t know where else it was coming from, weird 😁

  10. I’m very excited Michael I’ve ordered your Automatic Writing Experience book! Congratulations!!!

  11. Michelle your show today is amazing with cj thank you…for sharing all that you experienced in your paths life. Love your energy as always. Blessing
    Have a great day.

  12. I AM so excited to receive AWE❣ I pre-ordered in Jan & supposed to receive next week.
    2021–BEST YEAR YET💞☯️🕉

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