How To Connect With The Overlighting Deva Of The Violet Flame

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Brett Bevell, the world’s leading Reiki master and energy alchemist, initiates you to the advanced psychic Reiki that enables you to live a life of self-empowerment, and embody your divine essence via Soulvana app 👉

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Brett Bevell shares a specific take on how you can work with the Devic Realm. The Violet Flame is a beautiful technique where you bring in a violet-colored light to clear away negative energies that don't serve you or not in alignment with your highest form. It can also help with ancestral clearing to get rid of any belief systems or negative karmas being held in your ancestral line. Listen to this episode now as Brett helps you connect with the Overlighting Deva of the Violet Flame for healing and clearing of negative energies up to your ancestral levels.

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