How To Build Your Own Healing Device…(Hidden Medicine)

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Can Magnetized Water Improve Your Health?

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  3. 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. The two together are a cure all with reiki

  4. While first trying that some time ago during breakfast, I noticed that after that big shot of espresso whichever underarm side the magnet was on didn’t sweat.

  5. I haven’t read any articles regarding this topic but I know a lot about magnetism and do not be disappointed but this is not how it works.
    Yes haemoglobin (or red blood cells) carry iron within them to transport oxygen. And yes the elementary magnets in a ferro magnetic metal arrange themselves like you saw in the picture what the blood is supposed to be doing. Iron is ferro magnetic and it is in the blood, so why am I having a hard time believing this?
    It is because this is not how a liquid with ferromagnetic particles react to a strong magnetic field. If you don’t know what I mean go watch a video about ferrodluid, it’s basically oil with very fine iron particles in it. If you put a magnet close to the liquid, everything will try to get as close to the magnet as possible because the iron particles in the oil are attracted to the magnetic field. Now imagine how horrible that would be if your blood just clumped up like this.
    I don’t want to call this bs but I would like to hear a good explanation on how and why this is supposed to work and what you gain from it.

    Also, if we imagine that this would actually work as shown in the picture then the blood would only be “arranged or sorted” as long as the magnet is nearby. After this the blood will go back to normal.

    Again if theres a real benefit a good explanation to it, I’m open for it.

    • Yes I know this is a reply to my own comment but see it as a supplement to what I’ve already written. I think this could somehow heal you not because of what the magnet is doing but because you believe that it is healing you and thereby tricking your subconsciousness into healing you. This could be a reason why it works

  6. Is this the same thing as Assisi Loop??? If it is… I’ll be very pissed off. That thing is so expensive and can’t replace it’s batteries

  7. Thanks! I have it all ordered, still a little confused about the north/south facing sides, it looks like you glued a small magnet onto the strap then the big magnet connecting to the small one? Which side should be touching your arm? North or south? Thanks for all you do Justin!

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