How To Be When Life Gets You Down… ~ Spirit Stream

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Today's spirit stream is about the ebb and flow of life, the up and the down, and how to ride the wave on the down-swings, which is just as important as when we're on the up-and-up.

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  1. The challenge that faces each individual is a lesson in disguise for that individual 🙂

  2. I’ve learned so much from Patch! You sound just like him 😏. Thank you for making spirituality less intimidating for those who don’t own a tie die shirt.

  3. That’s a great idea! To write down what you’d tell someone in your situation. I dig it. Thanks for sharing ❤

  4. Thanks i really needed this. Mercury retro hitting me hard on every level today

  5. “The healing process isn’t linear,” my dear friend has been reminding me💗

  6. I too have had that experience of realizing my driving is an indication of my mental and emotional state. Lately I have some large looming question marks. This time I can see myself and while it is not easy…I am better equipped to calm those crazy emotions and trust that better things are coming. 😉

  7. Today made me feel like throwing the spiritual side of myself out the window. Seemed like everything in life that’s been dragging me down jumped in front of me and slammed me into a wall.

  8. “Whoever designed this universe sucks”…. damn what a self burn. 😉🤪😂

  9. OMG Patches you binge drank the kumbucha!?!
    I wouldn’t poop straight for a week if I did that 😭🤣💀
    (Me and the guts are going through a reconciliation if you will..)

  10. I need to hear this tonight. Thank you for being such a light🙏🏼 I practice breathing techniques for panic attacks and they seem to help a lot! I hope you all stay warm and safe. In solidarity.

  11. This is great advice, I need it right now so will get straight into that cold shower and drink some copper water and write that letter to the school bursar who is trying his luck at not refunding school fees.

  12. Completely agree with what you say. It’s my belief that it will all happen in divine timing. We need challenges to remind us of our progress and our aims. And just trust (as you say). It was my journey with vedic astrology that reminds that our life is a journey and there’s no need to beat yourself up. We have periods of progress, challenge, success etc. And you are spot on with how important it is to change energy and to do that we have to have awareness. To have that its taking time out, so go run! Meditate, listen to music and thrive. Much love 💚

  13. Guys the “secret” is the faith! When you have faith in (god, universe, love, it…) you are unstoppable even when you feel down you will recognize that as a lesson of your journey! All thing are possible if you believe! Love you all! 🥰

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