How To Astral Travel

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Astral projection is the art and science of expanding consciousness outside the perceived limits of the physical realm. In this episode, Dr. Theresa Bullard shares techniques that you can use to learn astral travel.

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    • Thank you for this episode it came just after I think was my first astral travel i was so scared it happened with no intentions to do it
      I thought i was dying

  1. It is the birthright of every human being to experience something as beautiful as astral travel 🙏

  2. This is exactly how my astral projection experience happened.
    Not including the Preparation:
    Weeks and months
    Curiously Practicing Dream walking. Turned to lucid dreams – turned to vivid lucid dreams= LIGHT
    Then i had a series of lucid nightmares that id literally woken up in i had took Control And Defeated the Threat. through out a few weeks this happened.

    Astral Projection Instructions:

    Self Awareness at all times.


    1 time alarm to wake you up at 3:30-4am
    Do NOT move at all.
    ONLY open eyes THINK and FEEL anger get yourself mad.
    …Close your eyes in a deep breath THINK and FEEL peace love serenity.
    ***Body Laid still several hours Either is or very close to the sleep paralysis State Bodies go into To prevent acting out in life the dreams…..

    Overall the Body is now at a point where its asleep.still.wont interfere.

    The only Part of you that is wide awake is your mind and the part that made love n hate matter.

    Laying down eyes closed with my Mind Soul And Spirit Lit while my body lay dormant several Hours.
    Not even 2 minutes passed by..
    my state of mind …me i stayed self aware while knowing i was approaching the part where we all just fall asleep and dnt remember at what point we feel asleep at…Except i stayed self aware at all times..Eyes Closed the Darkness..the Void Rather …i see around me so much of it .felt as if i was getting closer and closer moving forward into the void at high-speed backwards at the same time the only way to describe the part before the Vibration at the moment would be…
    “Stare into the Void and the Void will Stare back.” ?
    The sense of self-awareness the small vibration that felt like a rocking back n forth sensation as well as someone shaking the bed and my body electrocuted but without the pain
    started felt like someone was shaking the bed.I felt me already know its not the bed shaking its me and its somehow nothing to worry about
    Laying in bed vibrating..

    Instantaneously but faster than a blink of an eye I Awoken sitting up Startled Shocked A lil Scared cuz what am i doing feeling more than awake sitting up

    thinking this is no dream i raised my VIVID LIGHT ELECTRIC PALE BLUE in every detail I WAS. Astonished amazed excited marveling at my own arms …Words that Come Close…Devine…Godly..Cosmic. While observing my surroundings, Dull grey, my brother walks in i watch him look my way and onto his clothes for school. Taking in everything i thought 1 simple thought what if i try to wake up?
    I awake Laying Down open my eyes looking up to the ceiling Sunny day..i did not feel the same as i did when i went to sleep, Waking up. Sat up brother still there looking for clothes. Everything the same as i saw it.

    Props to whoever read this.
    Damm that was borin

    • I have sleep paralysis often and it is scary because I’m awake but can’t move and I now tell my family to shake me or wake me somehow Because I’m scared and want to wake up!! Sometimes it feels like someone is covering my mouth or holding me down …

    • @Chrissy Borrelli a heart felt prayer to guardian angels spirit guides even deceased relatives can go a long way before sleep . even reassuring yourself youre too devine to be messed with

  3. Sun Gazing, sun bathing eyes closed meditating envisioning sun rays spiraling in each if your chakras. Thats just prep. Prayers with emotions to spirit guide or guardian angels passed away relatives wish em well ask to be visited. When u wake up from a dream think about that dream intensely replay scenes till u sleep u end up going back to the dream with more control. Sleep early and or set alarms to wake you up 2 3 4 5 am even 20 minute alarm to wake u up again giving you the opportunity to think or pray or chant and think as u fall asleep u go in different dreams and waking up early also is an opportunity because the body laid still for several hours. Try not to move when waking. Just the eyes . close em. Focus. Eventually dreams turn to lucid dreams turn to vivid lucid dreams.

    For AP…..stay self aware as u fall asleep after body laid still for several hours .no body movement waking up from for example 8 pm to 3AM or 4AM…think feel emotions close eyes remain self aware as u drift asleep…vibrate..awaken.

  4. I always lay in my stomach and float up. I have trouble with my feet being above my head while I’m out. It’s like my feet are a little more buoyant.

  5. its very hard for me to get passed the sleep paralesis and when my body starts vibrating its so intense it wakes me up.

  6. This is scientifically so true i traveled to my bathroom while in bed and peed


  8. Build your Kingdom in Yourself so don’t be Corrupted.

    King of King’s nice idea right?

    Love and Peace!

  9. i used to have sleep paralysis a lot few years ago..and one night i jus started floating, i looked back and saw the roof of my house and stayed calm..i traveled to another planet where the atmosphere was a dark purple and the stars were so bright..i could see other planets as close as our moon is to earth..the beings i saw had on clothing like a robe but i couldn’t see their face..i was running and jumping from one mountain peak to another..i cant explain the happiness and freedom i felt but it was great…then all of a sudden i was pulled back to my body with the “cord”

  10. Hey I’m new here and have a few questions:
    1. Is there a sure way to tell if you are a starseed?
    2. If this is ligit why do you have to pay to learn more. Shouldn’t spreading knowledge be free?
    3. Do you think animals can be starseeds too? Or just the ego of the human mind?

  11. This lady speaks as if she’s reading a story to preschool children 🙄🤣
    I’m astral projecting myself out of here.

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