How to Ask the Universe for What You Want (6 Steps)

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6 Steps to Ask the Universe for What You Want.

When you start asking the Universe by raising your energy and your level of consciousness, your surrounding environment is reflected and your energy begins to attract a new set of experiences.

Because we are all co-creators of our destiny, we also have the power to create and manifest events in our lives. You can send your requests to the Universe and see them return as an echo.

If you are looking to manifest or create an event in your life, whether you want to attract a new relationship, a new job, money, or simply a peaceful solution to a situation, we will share with you in this video, 6 easy steps in which you can do it.

Based on the article by Spiritualify:

Law of Attraction Guide:

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Intro – 0:00
Step 1. Develop a relationship with the Universe – 1:03
Step 2. Set your intention – 1:38
Step 3. Visualize – 2:13
Step 4. Gratitude – 2:40
Step 5. Release – 3:05
Step 6. Have faith in the Universe. – 3:42

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  1. The book Jesus Failed and Finished in Disaster, based on the law of attraction, the author shows what the life of Jesus was like. Use verses from the bible … I recommend it, the book is very good. it’s on Amazon. ++++***++++

  2. Thank you very much, it really clarified me on how I need to ask from the Universe. Blessings 🙏

  3. Absolutely true, I can testify for myself that this is the best way to ask from the Universe

  4. This is a great starter’s guide for anyone who wants to utilize the law of attraction to its fullest potential. I’ve kinda stumbled along the way grabbing bits and pieces and have been learning and realizing its incredible power but it’s nice when someone takes some of the guessing work out of it so thanks for sharing!

  5. Yes 👍 I had good experience that the Universe really works… I have seen the universe have delivered my recuestes.. please take my advice and believe its work ✌️

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