How To Activate Your Higher Consciousness To Reprogram Your Reality

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Niraj Naik talks about the higher levels of Timothy Leary’s “8-Circuit Model of Consciousness” which are different states that involve the enlightening, awakening, and higher consciousness. As discussed in the last episode of this podcast, the left and right parts of the brain are where these “circuits” lie, and the higher circuits are said to be in the right lobe. Niraj Naik teaches how you can reprogram your current reality by upgrading your thoughts and activating the higher circuits.

Listen to the insights of this podcast and learn how to understand your truth, so you can achieve bliss and a sense of peace.

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  1. Recommending drugs to explore spirituality is irresponsible and ignorant.

    Look within. Your experiences contain all spiritual knowledge. No drugs, just introspection!

    • I feel that some people need certain plant drugs to break through they’re sub- conscious programming. As the world goes into fourth density consciousness we need as many souls to wake up as possible!

    • He is not recommending that! He’s sayings that’s a way to go into altered states! Calm down!

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