How to Access the Higher Chakras!

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Break into the Higher Chakras using the Seven-Day Transformation, it only takes a week to change EVERYTHING in your life! ~

Our journey into the Chakras continues with the Higher Centers, and the Black-Mirror Wall that stops us from getting there! In this episode, learn where you are at in your chakras, and how to attain a higher truth and inner knowing.

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  1. Warning, when you open your third eye, you see things as they are without illusion. When you can see clearly in this world, it’s not exactly pretty. They call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe in it. I’m just saying the truth will hurt you before it helps you.

    • @Dark Lord you see the true better than these illusionist! Utube kept deleting my sensitive response. 🙂

    • Aw man… If you think thats bad, imagine being an “African American” woman/mother with open Chakras😔Its unbelievable!

    • @Tisha Davis 👍 you better not open your chakras otherwise just accept the fact. People misunderstood chakras system. Its really teaching you to trigger supernatural magic. If you dont have a foundation of natural science, these teachers are just teaching you something without a foundation. And you would go crazy like many people. They are trying to play with magix and they don’t know it. Why people are so into supernatural and want a lazy way out instead of building a foundation of the reality of science like understanding chemistry, molecules, energy, dna, frequencies, matrix system, talk to animals, math, work to keep peace, love, high your vibration, etc.. it will help you opening your chakras for good! You are living someone else dreams ya’ll. Not because of America (the one world order) people call it Santanic lolz. Buddhism (came from Asia) and Christianity (came from western) trying to save the world from suffering. Anyone feeling any better? There come new spirtual sicence with chakras openening, has anyone gain any better? Science gave us technology pleasures. The world is screwed or the human mind is screwed? With all the races and competitions has the world gotten any better? Physical bodies have been fighting for years. The fact is, spiritual bodies also fighting for unknown time. Die and come back and tell me how its like after you died! Lolz.

    • @Mr NiceGuy pain and happiness are equality important. One cannot exist without another, It’s perfect

  2. Is the zeal point located more between the throat and the third eye? I love this ideal this point has completely shifted my thinking thank you 🙏🏿

    • Yes! Base of skull at the back of the neck. Called the jade pillow in Taoist practice. Look up the book “the multi orgasmic man”!

  3. It brings my heart so much joy to see the constantly accelerating energy and production qualities of your videos touching more and more people. It makes me very proud to be a member of Spirit Mysteries and know that I am helping to contribute to such a loving and powerful movement that is helping so many people reconnect to the infinite joy and perfection of our collective Higher Self!

  4. Everyone here is because we got our powers on the 21st lol time to go even higher

  5. why are we helping the higher dimension but higher dimensions doesnt help us

  6. What is the link for your piano lesson video please, The parallel with the chromatic scale is amazing and definitely an a-ha moment, makes me wonder if other cultural music that uses different variations experience different levels of chakra energy

  7. With the love of my life that is only 17y/o(I’m 16), we blessed each other on Valentine’s with a YEAR LONG commitment to retention together.

    We took this on after deeply understanding our mind is a tool, and we desire to Master this Tool!
    This idea fell into our lap and we instantly fell in love with it and felt the need to share it with the world

    We are grateful and excited for this new golden opportunity and we love to see you there!

  8. Aye, i unconsciously awakened the zeal chakra without even knowing it. And i can still activate it at will today.

  9. if you find this subject (octaves) interesting, you might look up Walter Russell and Russellian science/philosophy.

  10. I LOVE THIS CHANNEL SO MUCH! You have no idea how much this video has helped me put many puzzle pieces together.♥️♥️♥️

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