How the world becomes the flesh and everything else in the universe.

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The Vibhuti on words

Conversation with Deepak Chopra and Eddie Stern

The second vibhuti is on words, objects, and the associated ideas that accompany them:

Word, object, and the idea of them overlapping produce unified impressions. If samyama is practiced on each separately, knowledge of the meaning of the sounds produced by all beings can be acquired. 3.17

The Vibhuti on words reveals the inner meaning of all objects, and gives the understanding of all languages, even of animals and nature.

Eddie is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher, author, and lecturer from New York City. He has a passion for engaging in a multidisciplinary approach to furthering understanding, education, and access to yoga through technology, scientific research, collaboration, and encouraging diversity in all aspects of his work. He studies philosophy, Sanskrit, ritual, science, and religion, and has a great love for music and art, which play a big role in his teaching of yoga.

Eddie learned yoga under Sri K. Pattabhi Jois from 1991 until 2009, and remains a student of R. Sharath Jois, of Mysore, India.


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