How Survival Shapes Who You Are

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Guided exercises for unearthing how your childhood survival challenges shaped and defined your psyche.

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  1. Leo you have helped me so much in feeling safe in the unsafe experience of life.

    For me, becoming okay with the fact I’m going to die (as Corey) and I’m always vulnerable made me take an approach to life that has really opened me up, in a natural and profound way. I appreciate you Leo and everything you have pointed me towards 🙂 🙏💙🤗

  2. Saturday night Leo isn’t a bad choice for those that are lonely on the path to self actualization.

  3. I wake up 2 of my close family , amazing now their loving and none judgmental

  4. Idk how you do it but your videos seem to keep getting better and better every video

  5. What an interesting experience. Struggling to survive only to then struggle to unmake ourselves.

    • Stranger still is that many people who have died and have been resuscitated say that death has almost a magnetic and comforting pull in contrast to life. Many people no longer fear death if not outright crave it.

      That is to say, we spend our lives fearing death, only to spend our deaths fearing life.

    • @Wet Floor Media so if we just skip the fear and pretend we were already dead, we can live our lives in peace.

  6. I literally just finished seeing all your videos on youtube , yeey , m from morocco btw ( ye, believe it )

  7. 39:18

    I remember my Mother driving through the intersection crossing the highway, my abusive step father muttering callous words of manipulative malice, broadly directed at us both.. The sunshine refracting through the window of the boxy beige datsun. An FM Radio advert jingle, I still remember to this day.

    I remember it was then that I had the only realisation wherein I felt with all my being, that I was alive and would thereby, one day die.. I broke out in tears. I was eight years old and so very upset that this was what my life was and then, at the end of it all, I was going to die anyway. I’ve never felt a connection to reality like that since. I think that was the moment I disconnected from everything and I have felt like an empty husk of a person ever since.

  8. Only 21 minutes in and i feel a profound sense of unconditional love and acceptance for myself and everyone else exactly as they are.

    • I want to get there too but I’m like the other archetype Leo mentioned I’m cynical and brutalized I legit live alone this world is full of cruel vile people. That’s objectively true there’s no neutral standpoint. I don’t have unconditional love for all people otherwise I wouldn’t live all alone with my door locked. I can listen to Leo but then I go to “church” and see the most brutal act of inhumanity ever committed to a man named Jesus screaming at my face and I say this is what speaks. If you guys have a reputation of being funny of being musical of being athletic of being aesthetically pleasing just keep at it share you gifts with the world but I say put God first before what any man tells you to put first my name Gustavo means God and Staff I carry the Staff not just for protection but because my name says that’s what I am everyone here knows what the Staff I carry means

  9. I survived and continue surviving by pretending to be social. Also moved contries a couple times as a teenager, which led to an identity crisis in my 20s. Never fit in anywhere, but was lucky enough to marry someone who is the same way. At this point, I don’t really need an “identity” to be happy.

  10. This is the only channels where I actively check daily for the next new vids.

    • I haven’t found any better content anywhere not just on YouTube, even the new movies are terribly dull

  11. Yo that editor for the Actualized Clips channel is about to be woke af after scouring over around 400 hrs of this content.

  12. “Look at the shape of animal”

    My sleeping cat: shapeless blob, whose form denies laws of physics

    Me: fascinating!

  13. whenever i feel like i’m losing myself in life i can watch leo and make some realizations

  14. Had a terrible night and felt that I’d lost all hope then I found this video.

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