How Owning the Truth, Solves the “No Resolve Pattern” in Relationships

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How Owning the Truth, Solves the "No Resolve Pattern" in Relationships Do you want to know how you can solve the no resolve pattern in relationships? In this video I'll explain you how you can own the truth to solve this pattern.

Have you ever found yourself in a romantic relationship, friendship relationship or work-related relationship where no matter how many times you seem to find resolve in a conflict, it feels like shortly after, it goes right back to being un-resolved? Maybe it is one single issue, where no matter how many times you re-visit the topic and reach agreement, it comes right back up again as unresolved. When this happens, it can feel like you’re living a nightmare version of groundhog’s day. But you don’t know why and you don’t know what to do to create actual resolve.

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Video References

9:17: Self Concept, The Enemy of Awakening (Accept the Badness within Yourself)

12:46: Gaslighting (What is Gaslighting and How to heal from it)

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  1. Yay sending love from my heart to everyone who reads this!!!! 💖

  2. If you want massive results… when emotions meet intentions it comes to you!! 2 must become 1
    ~ Much Love from a Growing YouTuber💜

    • Oh my gosh you liked my comment again I’m gonna have good luck for the rest of the month ilysm

  3. You are very wise and in touch with your spirituality. Have a blessed day and may peace stay within you.

  4. I think resolving not the real problem genuinely might be about avoidance and gaslighting and Teal brought up that topic few days ago

  5. Hey video title, EXACTLY. THAT video title is it, right THERE. And THAT’S what I am all about. And pigs are all over my shitz. And, it’s validating as hell.


  7. The lessons hit different when your name is used in the example. . Hi my name is Rachael lmao I wasn’t ready for this so early 😅😅🙈

  8. The folks I live with are old I see them as humans So am I not trying to teach them new tricks but at the same time I only have one truth to offer.and although the truth I have learned to express thanks to this channel holds the true component of have their best interests and my best interest in the same experience if they choose to have it, they still wish I had no truth at all and rather get along with their truth as it comes and keeps on changing. Mine is steadfast and resilient. To remove myself from living under such roof is a matter of Time, until I meet with my Truth in someone else’s Truth, I will continue making the best case scenario out of their worst retaliations for refusing to get on board with their fabrication of truth.

  9. The universe is being very direct today. Calm down universe, I already know. I got it. Geez..

    • Sometimes it purposely gets people wound up it’s kind of goofy, you’d be surprised how puppeted it can be, random people calling you just doing odd stuff in general

  10. I try to take at least one new idea, word or way from each Teal Episode.
    This time is ostracization. First time I hear anyone utters this word.
    Have a good week

  11. Elephant in the room 🐘 barriers to personal truth:
    “i don’t want hurt his/her feelings”
    “i don’t want to lose connection” (get rejected, set a boundary, get into conflict)

  12. So often I’ve told people my deep, real truths and they’ve rejected me for them, not realizing they are repressing the same truth within themselves.

  13. I think the topic of racism is just on point. I live in Brazil and although most of the population here is black (or mixed race like me), racism is definitely a thing here. We experience it every now and then on the streets or at work, we see on the news etc. But yet NOBODY admits that they are racists, even when caught BEING racist “oh no, I’m not racist, you must have misunderstood my words/actions” or worse “I’m no racist, I have a friend that is black”… and then they go on with their racist words and actions because they don’t admit the issue in the first place.

  14. I love that the examples in the video match your text. Great video with very much needed content! 💛

    • It’s great to see that someone who made a video about Teal years ago still loves and watches her 😊💖

  15. This has to be the deepest most relevant video I’ve ever watch at the precise moment I am actually to watching it. Just AMAZING.
    This is so Real.

  16. This is a hard one cuz ppl really don’t like admitting their truth…

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