How One Man’s Journey to Hell Ended in Heaven…

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Today Joshua Eli joins us to share his story from Rythmia, what happened during his week long stay. While there's only so much that can be shared in only 5 minutes, we are grateful for the opportunity to hear his story and animate it for you here today!

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  1. Hey Patch! Loved your videos as usual! I was wondering if you have heard of a young boy named Carlo Acutis.

  2. So grateful he shared his story. And thank you for sharing it w us! Perfect start to the week ✨

  3. Wow, just wow…. this is wonderful, thank you for sharing this experience my brother

  4. I’ve suffered from panic attacks and depression for years. I’m coming out of it to meditation and spiritual work. There’s a truth drop in the movie Jacob’s Ladder., the only part of you that goes to hell is the part of you that hangs onto this world, I have been very relaxed the last few days. I obsess over eternity and I don’t like the idea of reincarnation I like the idea of gaining a light body or being a spirit guide. I’ve been through a whole lot in my life with feeling very happy and secure in my youth and in my late twenties I started experiencing horrible panic attacks and have been in mental health a few times I have lost for close family members. I’ve finally come to terms with that and I’m always cold out of the depression usually through meditation and words of encouragement.. I believe this guy is on a true path of Enlightenment. I know that what the Bible describes is astronomy and Anatomy but karma is something in the afterlife a lot of people think it’s getting what you deserve in this life. I became an addict to self-medicate my anxiety and when I went through withdrawals in detox it was horrible it was like the anxiety came back with vengeance and I was delusional. But I have these thoughts lately that occur in my mind and sometimes it’s from dreams that I have that affects the whole day. I have these feelings of bliss hope and euphoria.

  5. This guy should write a book about it, like Dante Alegieri or someone help him to write it, cause i would love to read out that experience. 👁️👁️👌🧠💗📖

  6. I Love You, My Brothers & Sisters!
    May Peace be Unto You All! <3

  7. I am manifesting a trip there. I want to meet that part of the Family.

  8. Love, respect and gratitude unconditional #wellbeing #weareguildford #Briansmithenergy

  9. I felt this so much I got tears in my eyes ✨🤍✨ love & light☯️

  10. The Gent, now has learnt Compassion & Empathy.
    Welcome to your new world.
    Namaste 🙏

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