How Much Influence Do You Have Over the Quality of Your Health?

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Everyone is born with intuitive intelligence. It is our primary survival skill — naturally attuned to balancing our health and emotions. Our energy system is designed to speak to us and keep us healthy. It is always communicating with us, but we have to learn how to listen and act in order to achieve our best health. Caroline Myss takes us through the seven chakras to show how this inner resource of ours is in fact a mystical skill, and that your inner voice is part of your cosmic guidance system.

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  1. After I subscribed now you post lots more on YouTube ☺️👍 well this is good the true knowledge should available for every one, keep up the good Work , alway happy to see new videos☺️👍👍👍

  2. Honouring myself is a reminder that I receive one way or another everyday. Amen to that. 😇

  3. Wow, this was incredible. Thank you Carole 🙏🏾 Definitely interested in learning more!

  4. Imagine the children who get the chance to see things like this at a young age. Those are the kids I want to be around when I’m too old to care for myself ☺️

  5. I watched a hypnotist put this girl under and while holding a pencil in his hand, he told the subject that he was going to briefly touch her arm with a red hot rod of steel. He then touched her arm with his pencil, whereupon she grimaced, recoiled back and cried out in pain. Two minutes later he pointed out where she had actually developed a burn blister where she thought she had been touched by a red hot rod of steel. What I took away from that is this: whatever is strongly believed by the subconscious mind is manifested on the body.

  6. I always wonder if their are cures for all illnesses on this planet. Herbs and plants or even flowers. We just don’t know.

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