How Modern Branding Exploits & Abuses You

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The striking similarity between modern branding methods and abusive relationships. Learn how to avoid being exploited and abused by corporations.

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  1. Amazon delivery guy: *says absolutely nothing*
    LEO: *im filming a video*

  2. leo decided to do series episodes

    NO MORE LOTR ??? :'(

    I was in for 5 hours episode !

    • You fall in love with the brand, then all of a sudden…

      They release a clips channel….

      They talk about shallower topics…

      They’re vids are now only 45 mins…
      And you’re bought in, so you say to yourself, “It’s okay… the channel’s just diversifying to a broader audience”.

      😂 I kid, y’all

  3. Leo in 18 minutes you’ve taught me more than I’ve heard from 300 hours of content in 4 years. Wow! Thank you 🙂 don’t keep it up though… take a break. And then bring the break back.

  4. This is one of the hardest things to do, but with trust, dedication, courage and self honesty this will transform your life, keep going

  5. Leo be like… let me go ahead and tell over 1 million people what I’m thinking right now.

  6. Name the brands using this exact strategy:

    1. Chanel

  7. I would love to see your takes on Marxist-Leninism and “tankies”.

    • They are at a very specific stage of spiral dynamics but just on a different end of the spectrum

    • Leo is the reincarnation of Vladimir Lenin 😁 they look alike.

    • Tankies are stage Blue people who adopt left-leaning ideologies. They are the same stuff as hardcore Catholics, Muslims, etc., they just play in a different team, but by the same playbook, appeals to authority, one true set of ideas, belief in the big spirit of communism, instead of God, etc.

  8. Marketing and PR actually originally derived from war-strategies. That’s where they got their inital inspiration. Go figure 😉

    • All of life is a spiritual war. All human activity is a war for our souls. The battle is over whether you will Love, or be too afraid.

    • @EndlessMike like what David Icke talks about too. I would love to see a constructive conversation between Leo and Icke

    • Combat veteran and veteran marketer.

      A lot of the strategies translate over.

  9. Leo, there’s enough of us that like your longer content so you don’t have to stop making longer videos. I love the way you start slow then warm up, then get hot, then you get on fire towards the end. This video didn’t have the passion I usually feel from you and I think you were just trying to cut it short and cram in your points; but that’s not your style so it seemed a bit off. Can’t please everybody but I think the people that like the shorter videos are your newer subs and are not that into this kinda stuff like the rest of us. You are very much on point in this video but, I must say, everytime I hear your relationship advice I quiver a bit because I don’t think you understand enough about the male/female dynamics. Men love to provide for their women. It makes them feel masculine and worthy and that’s how they fall in love…by providing and protecting. Women, of course,.should be independent but they don’t have to exude that towards their men, it helps to show a little bit of vulnerability so their man feels needed and worthy. Men are just wired this way. A man who is secure in his masculine likes to see this side in his woman and it gets to be a turn on for him knowing that she feels protected and provided for by him. Men and women fall in love in different ways. A woman who can stand on her own is important but she needs to surrender when necessary and be in her feminine to bring out the masculine in her partner or else she will emasculate him and he will silently resent her for it and go searching for a more feminine woman who will allow him to lead when necessary for a more balanced relationship. This only works, though,.if they are both in their healthy masculine and feminine..this is evolutionary.

  10. Solved the brand problem by not having money to buy all the stuff advertised!

    • Can’t lose resources to traps if you got no resources :5Head:

    • You must’ve smoked 23MEO DMT for this sort of next level insight.

  11. This episode is AMAZING, to say the least. Really juicy advices all throughout the episode. Very easy to follow and understand and I listened it in one go. Veryy very helpful, thanks so much for this.
    Would like the video multiple times if there was such option lol.

  12. 0:33 What do I mean by modern branding?
    1:52 The point of brands
    4:05 The connections/tricks
    8:20 Examples
    16:11 Neediness and Detachment
    5:20 / 24:22 Lessons on boundaries (relationships)
    28:40 / 36:42 Contemplation & Outcome
    30:25 It takes work, courage, and love
    36:57 shameless plug, see Leo’s other videos
    1. responsibility vs. blame and
    2. How to stop being a victim
    39:19 spirituality and its connection to this work

  13. He is absolutely on point about this, from experience whenever you depend on anything external to make you happy, you long for more and it is never really making you happy just more attached and clingy, the moment you free yourself, there is control and peace and freedom

  14. Apple and Microsoft come to mind while listening… never had an addiction for any brand

    • Don’t kid yourself, we all do, why did you get your brand of car over other ones?

  15. i was actually sad when it ended after only 45 minutes. i think I may be attached to leo

  16. Leo they dont just take advantange of the people’s attachments, their main goal is first creating DESIRES. I took a postdoctoral in marketing a couple years ago and what shocked me the most was reading that marketing does not focus anymore on fullfilling consumer needs (as it may have been the case in product-based market era ,the 50’s/60’s) but instead on “creating desires (concept much more abstract than ‘needs’) but NEVER FULLFILL THAT DESIRE, but keeping that wheel always on” so that the consumer lives on a constant state of DESIRE. Ever since I read and was told that, I call marketing ANTI-BUDHISM. And it’s running our society.

    • Bingo!!! Especially now companies using influencers to *make* you want their lifestyle and spend money to get it.

  17. I think we need to be cautious with this kind of advice. It does make sense at first but the situation is tricky and way more complex than it sounds. I’ve seen people crumbling and falling into even lower self esteem after trying to stand their ground and failing after being ridiculed, or others who are neurotic confrontation seekers, that can’t get along with almost anybody.
    A person can’t simply decide to set boundaries from today on and then become gradually an independent individual with higher status. That rather comes as a side effect. The attempt to even do so can severely backfire.
    Also it’s not a binary thing that we’re either one or the other all the time, it’s highly situational.

    • Everything Leo says must be filtered through wisdom and common sense.

      I know exactly the type of people you’re talking about.

      I worked as Intern for free and never demanded money because I wanted to learn more than anything. I don’t feel like I was being exploited. Sometimes you need to act this way. But after awhile of doing so, now I can demand to be compensated because I have leverage.

      Wisdom & Common Sense, folks. 😉

  18. I’m glad Leo is still making these “normal” self-help type of videos. The last video I watched of him was “The Radical Implications Of Oneness, and it fucked me up! Drove me to drink.

  19. This advice is really the one and only gem from the “red pill” mentality, without the toxic bullshit

    • There are lots of genuinely good principles to embody within the “red pill community”. I know what you mean though, there is great variety in the quality of the delivery and adaption of the advice.

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