How good thoughts and bad thoughts work | Marisa Peer #Shorts

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Good thoughts are a positive creative force that brings forth good things in our lives. While bad thoughts are like explosive dynamite that destroys everything in its vicinity. Choose to think good thoughts about yourself today.

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  1. If plants can grow by speaking kindly to them, imagine what happens when we speak kindly to ourselves 💕

  2. If you’re a spiritual seeker, chances are you’re one who looks for signs from the universe, who listens to the whispers of your heart, and who pays attention to the messages from your intuition. I also love to use crystals to discover more about myself and my life path.

    A spiritual awakening can be triggered by anything, from the completely mundane to the completely life-altering.
    The notion of the spiritual awakening has been around for centuries and can be observed in a variety of cultures and religions around the world. Call it “nirvana”; call it “enlightenment”; call it “bliss”; a spiritual awakening begins the moment a person can step back and “awake” to their life with a new sense of being in this world.

    Spiritual awakenings can be mildly unnerving at first, as they often cause us to grapple with questions like, Who am I, and why am I here? But there can also be a certain element of wonder and excitement when we find ourselves suddenly feeling very much alive.

    The idea of the spiritual awakening was popularized in the Western world by famed to described the process as coming back to the original Self . but the experience of rising to a higher state of consciousness has always been an intrinsic part of what it means to be human.

  3. I am pure life force this life is a gift it is all about perspective I’ll do what it takes to create my positive vision I respect myself and I respect all living beings my love is eternal In my capacity for giving good is endless myself love is increasing I’m like a river of peace I remind myself Every day who I truly am Deep inside the light is so bright I am healing In my self I am letting go of old patterns I am becoming like a book of knowledge that I choose to feed my mind with empowering and life-changing meanings I share this knowledge and help anyone who seeks my advice freely I am a wealth machine just not for money but for all forms of love I am wealthy in love I’m wealthy in kindness I am wealthy in awesomeness I AM BLESSED BY THE DIVINE SHIVA OF THIS ERA HAR HAR MAHADEV OM NAMAHA SHIVA 🔱🌎🌞🌳🌌🧿❤️🙏

  4. Crystals for Clearing Mental Clutter:

    The first step to discovering your life’s purpose is to clear mental clutter. So often we find it hard to focus inward because we are stressed and distracted. Working with crystals like Selenite and Peridot to clear out mental clutter and stagnant energy helps us to create a clean slate in our journey of soul discovery.

    Try placing these crystals on your temples (if you’re lucky enough to have 2). Or, set it directly on your Third Eye Chakra. Leave the stones in place until you feel calm and centered and most of your mind chatter has stopped. It’s normal to have a few random thoughts pop in and out of your mind, so the aim here is more free space and quiet, not complete silence. We’re aiming for improvement, not perfection.

    Stress is the new smoking. Studies have linked stress to countless health problems including insomnia, inflammation, obesity, Alzheimer’s Disease, anxiety, depression, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, premature aging, and even premature death.

    Get sunlight in your waking hours. Looking to enjoy your days more? …
    No screen time 2 hours before bed. …
    Avoid caffeine late in the day. …
    Don’t nap too late. …
    Create a sleep schedule. …
    Optimize your bedroom environment. …
    Don’t eat right before bed. …
    Get regular exercise.
    Stop and Breath. The first step to gaining control over your subconscious may seem a little counteractive, but in fact, it’s this inactivity that sets you on the right path. …
    Meditation. …
    Mantras. …

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