“How Dare They Do That” Prepare Yourself For The Final Endgame!

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  1. The energy is heavy atm, with everything thats going on, many people are losing hope. Humanity is going through the dark night of the soul. We must continue to be the guiding lights for the world. This is  what we were awakened to do.
    Much Love everyone,

  2. Everything is aligning for you.
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    • It’s funny how everything played out if u sit an think bout it the things that were recreated was shown in ways if you aren’t the type of person that looks at a big picture your fucked

    • The Holy BIBLE is TRUE, this earth is going to pass away.

    • A purification of soul REBORN chastened refined learnt gifted steadfast REBIRTH

    • Hi 😊
      Could you please activate your caps
      I have frinds and grany that doesn’t hear

    • Just found you Ralph – I am so happy!!!!! I love your spirit!!!! Can you please make t-shirts available with your beautiful “logos” on it? The triangle with the infinity and Pisces signs? I would proudly wear that EVERYWHERE! It is like your own alchemy symbol! If you made a unique one for every sign of the Zodiac……mmmhmmm! They would sell well I think.
      Thank you for sharing yourself with us. You are a gift :))))))

  3. I am never In Control Of What happens Around Me. But i am always in control of what happens within me

  4. You’re not reading this by accident, this is your confirmation you’re going to be alright. Everything is aligning for you.

    • Ralph, you are soo right. Thank you for your beautiful videos. Please look into Keshe Foundation, where you find the new technology we need for the transition and were we learn about the Soul of the Man and how powerful we are. This knowledge was stolen from us, now it’s here. And its given freely to the whole of Humanity. Love you and all.

    • Thank you Ralph for reminding me of who I am. Blessings to you and everyone watching this. Much Love! ♥️♥️♥️

  5. We need to Stop Fighting Against this Frequencies and Energies because they represent our wounds amd shadows, Fighting Them is Fighting Us. We need to Stand Up and Fight For Truth, Love and Peace. We need to Love and Accept the Collective Wound, We Need to Love, and See Our Shadow and this Will End Soon! We Are the Peaceful Warriors! ❤❤❤

    • if you think we are (we) then you lost power there only is one I AM never ever a warrior

    • @Arcade Alchemist resistance is also a part of the “issue”, if we “resist” then we are saying to ourselves that “it” is true or real. Let it flow through you without attaching emotion to it.

  6. “You don’t need to worry about the youth, because the already know what time it is”


    • So true! Our real teachers that require our guidance. They’re hearts are open and love unconditionally already, protect them!

    • It is so true. I have been so worried but this confirmation is what I needed 🙂

    • @Awakened Warrior when we are operating in full potential. Open trusting heart with creative imagination.

    • Be careful to send your kids to school. That’s where the propaganda and mind control starts. Homeschool your kids if possible. Create communities, keep the family structure whole because it’s scared. Guide your children spiritually and emotionally. That’s what the world needs most now.

  7. We are the people!!! A handful of people CAN NOT control you unless you agree!!! Tell our law enforcement and military, not to fight the citizens, fight the 1%.

    • Accept.
      Its not just a handful.

      We all need to come together in truth. As one…


  8. it’s all just a movie playing out. Keep your vibe high, stay out of a fear state and create the reality that is LOVE.

    • Love is the key. Love is the vibration.

      Fear is the vibration they wish to keep upon us.
      We can not rise in vibration when we are stuck in fear…

  9. “They are afraid of love” SO TRUE! They are afraid of the POWER in the people when they rise together! That’s what the masking and social distancing is all about — that and nothing more.

    • Religion = Seperation

      They been doing this for a while.
      They definitely do not want us to come together in love and truth…


  10. People have fallen in line and the “elite” haven’t even tightened the screws yet.

  11. The police were protesting together WITH the people in Paris this week – they can’t stop us!!!!!

  12. The elites can not outsmart the universe. They can only delay the shift but they can’t stop it. Change is inevitable and they know it. The great awakening is painful but with endurance the gates of the new earth will be wide open for us.

  13. Please prepare yourselves people, it’s getting real out here. I feel it that it’s about to get dark and we have to be mentally and emotionally prepared. Stock up on food now, learn how to garden indoors and outdoors. Have a plan for yourself and your family. Wake up! But do not fear or be afraid because God will never leave you or forsake you!❤ Peace be with you

  14. Prepare yourselfs. Here in Greece they just announced that whoever hasnt done the vac…….ne wont be able to work if he works in some kind of hospital or anything related to health as well as certain jobs like firefighters,the people that help during earthquakes (Dont remember what they are called in english) and many more other jobs.Also for college students they either need to be vac…. or get 2 rapid test each weak which will be paid by their own pockets which is 40 euro per week and thats a lot.

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