Honey Found in King Tut’s Tomb Still Edible After 3,000 Years

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Honey contains 18% water and is antiseptic, so it preserves incredibly well. In fact, certain ancient civilizations from the Indus Valley, to Egypt, and Greece revered bees, as seen in their art and used honey to embalm the bodies of important leaders. For more information, watch "Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us?" on Gaia.

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  1. May I have some honey king tut I’d love to taste the Egyptian sweetness and share the quality taste test with others you’d still get credit because it’s yours of course🥰😌❤️kings should always be shown respect✊🏾

  2. Why do I feel so depressed ? Because everything humans touch turns to crap. When money is the motivator bad things happen. You can’t eat money or breathe it. 😭

  3. This is horrific 🙁 why are they killing and poisoning bees. People are not worthy to be here.

  4. Honey has been used to treat wounds for millenia. I use Manuka honey base cream for skin problems. It heals cuts, grazes within few days. I came article discussing Almonds farming is bad as popularity in plant based milk like almond and soya. I drink Soya milk because lactose intolerant, even eating one yogurt or icecream makes me feel ill for whole day. I know there are better alternatives like oats or rice milk. We are told to plant more bee friendly flowers like lavender. It’s this whole mass production of any products which drain natural resources and ruins the environment. Spirit science talked about permculture. This goes back to Stoic notion all things in moderation.

  5. So, I just watched a video titled one thing that was about another 😳 GAIA losing credibility

    • You’re a bit slow huh
      They obviously showed what the title said and also helped bring awareness to this important loss

    • @Lucifer Gates On the Contrary Sir I think your a lot SLOW if you need a misleading Title to make you aware of a environmental issue that’s been going on at least the past 15yrs. How about giving the Bees their own Platform especially when GAIA is starting to sound a lot like Ancient Aliens Says Yes 👍

    • @Thomas Jefferson yeah… No you’re def lost trying to say they sound like ancient aliens

  6. I wish i had billions to buy huge quantities of land and replant indigenous wild flowers,milkweed, and trees to help butterflies and bees.

    • I wish the tooth fairy was real and I could fly and I had a pet unicorn named fuzzy and that the sky was green. I wish water wasn’t wet. I wish that gravity worked backwards. I wish that I could eat whatever I wanted and the the more unhealthy and great tasting the food, the more in shape I would be. I wish I could teleport. I wish I had a genie in a lamp that owed me three wishes and that for the first wish I wished for unlimited wishes….

  7. Great video. Wow mankind is a DANGEROUS species whom the gods should think about getting rid of.

  8. Id like to see tuts honey analyzed completely for a picture of their climate and crops at the time. They didn’t have the industrial revolution or even cars. .. Monoculture is indeed a serious problem … Why not plant “feeder crops” for the bees . and maybe find a byproduct use for the leftovers


  10. Raw honey is the best. You know your honey is fresh when it looks like white/clear paste.

  11. thank you fellow humans for taking initiative for such a serious problem. Pollination is a crucial process on earth for sustaining spreading towards diversifying jungle we depend on bees Mother Earth depend on bees most people don’t know no how crucial role honey bees play for sustaining green life in earth.😍😍😍keep it up mother gaia needs you gaia is speaking through you guys

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