Holism & Holistic Thinking – Part 2

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Why holistic thinking is important and how to develop it. Examples and tips for how to start thinking holistically, and traps to avoid.

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  1. May your day be filled with joy peace love and abundance ❤❤ thank you actualized

    • @*The World Teacher – Jagadguru Svāmī Vegānanda* love others as yourself

    • @EDUCATE YOURSELF, so you equate peace with LOVE? ☮️

    • @j r Sings: “It ain’t necessarily so…” 🎤

    • @*The World Teacher – Jagadguru Svāmī Vegānanda* yes!! Dont you

  2. Another good thing for quality science is a heartfelt smile every now and again… ✨

  3. good thing ive been practicing alcoHolism for years, i’m way ahead of the curve

  4. I’ve never fasted that long but when I do fast I can’t sleep. I will have more energy the less I eat and more mental clarity.

  5. Holism gives us an accurate understanding of reality, beceause it reveals how we hold double standards in different areas of our life, and all of this happens because of pain, some connections are simply very painful to make, they threaten our self-image. so, fear will try to push us away from thinking about these connections, and tries to keep us ignorant.

    • No it teaches that accurate understanding of reality is not a part of reality.

  6. Telling you to see a shrink about gut issues, could be a little holistic

  7. A saying that came to mind in the first 10 minutes so far is ” You can’t see the forest through the trees”.

  8. This really is high quality stuff! Thanks Leo for putting your videos on youtube for free!

  9. In the Netherlands healthcare is pretty much free. And the doctors here are more holistic than in America. Not perfect ofcourse but they don’t give you medication quickly

  10. Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.

  11. The healthcare system in the USA has turned into a money making machine with little or no care about people’s health

    • Has turned? When it was different? It was created from the beginning for this hole purpose

  12. Is it a coincidence that today is Einstein’s birthday 🎉😁😁😁😁

  13. i remember a while back hearing about holistic doctors going missing all over the us.

    • That’s what i dont understand why Leo doesn’t even mention that theres a literal war going on on humanity and that’s the main reason why everything is so unholistic in the system…

  14. Get the “like” button up everyone. He deserves it. Especially being light-headed and still putting out content.

  15. Leo honestly it gives me goosebumps once I realise how far we have come!!! I’m excited immensely for my life and this community of actualizers.
    We promise u that we will change society one day!

  16. Only one year ago I discovered u Leo
    Only to finally discover myself…….

  17. Leo, theres a literal war going on humanity that’s why everything in the system is so unholistic.

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