Higher Consciousness

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'Higher consciousness' sounds mystical and possibly irritating. It shouldn't. It just captures how we see things when we go beyond our own egos. For gifts and more from The School of Life, visit our online shop: https://goo.gl/OD73do


“The term ‘higher consciousness’ is often used by spiritually-minded people to describe important but hard-to-reach mental states.
Hindu sages, Christian monks and Buddhist ascetics all speak of reaching moments of ‘higher consciousness’ – through meditation or chanting, fasting or pilgrimages…”

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  1. its like deep down everyone knows the truth but noone want to talk about it

    • @0 subscriber Challange same things happening to me gotta separate yourself from them for some time or ever and ever

    • VuNu Xbuku exactly they make your ego stronger for some reason

    • @0 subscriber Challange yeah just get away from them they’re also doing on purpose they literally wanna lower your vibration being used unawarely

  2. The only downside of having reached a higher state of consciousness is accepting you can’t accurately share the sensation of insight and get others you love to reach higher states of mind too. They have to want to do it on their own and it requires the right amount fortunate/unfortunate experiences.

  3. Sometimes higher consciousness can bring about great loneliness. This is because when you realize how superficial and temporary the petty pleasures most people adore and strive for.

    Stuff like status and validation as seen in the “social” media, short lived pleasures such as alcohol and pointless sex, creating a image of oneself only reflecting a flattering fraction of our predominantly strife lives and relishing in material goods all become pointless.

    Once you reach higher consciousness you start seeing the false self conceived perception of a flamboyant life every working man and woman strives for. They care for nothing else, believing they only can find happiness and peace in a fantasy. This renders them unable to see the truly rich and fulfilling simple life.

    No one wants a good friend anymore. No one wants to settle for simpler pleasures. No one wants to do any type of introspection or understand life. They just want to earn money by slaving themselves away at work, blow it on material goods, get drunk on Fridays and getting “likes” and “big friend lists” on social media.

    • I’ve been experiencing this lately I just don’t know how to put it into words I want to know everything but I can’t bc I’m 17 I feel like I don’t have what I need so I just want break down air conditioners with my dad work at a dance hall with my mom go to school see my gf and when I’m not doing those things I’m with my friends getting fucked jp by anything I can touch

    • I like your way of thinking. You couldn’t say it any better. I keep telling people the same thing.

    • These are the reasons why I am not any other social platforms apart from youtube, you get to learn so much from others.

  4. “a mind stretched by experience can never return to its old dimensions”

    • judging by your profile pic I guess you didn’t hear 1:30-1:35🤔

    • This message could save your life. Follow these instructions. Search google for Global Truth Project. Read the book on the website called THE PRESENT. Open you free amazing present now. Prepare to be free for the first time in your existence.

  5. After years of having a “enlightenment mind” I became a outcast, depression skyrocketed like crazy, and finding a purpose in this meaningless world has become borderline impossible. I see too much and I feel too much… My advice would be to not rush to be the next Buddha or Solomon guys,because “in much wisdom is much grief, he who increases knowledge also increases sorrow.” Ignorance is bliss so take your time… But maybe im trippin and its just me

    • No matter what you guys say, balance is always going to be the key. You cannot live life in a permanent state of higher conciousness. Higher conciousness is useful to keep a check on lower conciousness but not to replace it. Life happens in the lower conciousness, always seeing things from a higher perspective is also an illusory way of seeing life as there are two equal truths about life. We are seperate individuals and we are also part of the universe. We have higher conciousness and we have lower conciousness. Harmony between the two is the key to an amazing life. I would suggest you guys to live life sober and balanced. Have a passion and follow it, earn money and spend it. Enjoy life and use higher conciousness to keep a check on your needs and desires of the ego. Thats how we humans are supposed to live. Every part of the brain is equally important so balance is the key.

    • @Brayan Arellano hey man, do you fear it? I mean when it comes do you fear that there is no next step and this was it and we will be gone? I get anxiety over it, just turned 18. I know life will end and I can.accpet it, just doesnt make that transation into any easier.

    • When you become enlightened like the Buddha it doesn’t go away and it doesn’t make you crazy but the world thinks you are. Once enlightened you realize you’ve always been on the path

  6. I wish I could reverse it. I really miss the simpler days of less excruciating thoughts…. the complexity is maddening.

    • Everyone should understand once you take the red pill there is no turning back.

    • Take a break and let your mind form your reality over time. Its all okay, you can do so much. Accept. Much love

    • @Chipmunk man, this describes me so well. I’m only 17, yet I think very completely and differently than anyone else I know. Would love to talk to someone about this.

    • chill, everyone. the only thing that’s real and true is direct experience, anything else is concept in your mind. how do I know that? trying to explain it would just be more concept. look around your room, then close your eyes. you still have an image of your room in your mind, but that’s not your room, that a concept that you are imagining. which doesn’t mean that all concepts should be thrown out the window, some could still be useful and POINT to the truth. knowing the destinction is important.

    • It was the reason I searched for a video like this 😅 just to see the actual conversations between us on a topic that is very rare around us but really important

    • Yup same I feel alive reading everyone’s comments of profanity, poetry, people who use the word nihilist a lot more then necessary,racism,love, dirty naughty words 😉 and everything in between. I too love reading comments and respect your perception, I feel it too. Feel less alone

  7. Great vid. If anyone genuinely wants a crack at reaching higher states, I suggest you truly set a strong intention first. Then, meditation, reading (Start with Power vs Force by David Hawkins), prayer….. practising LOVING others all help. And Check out the woke as f**k podcast, it’s legit. 😉

    • @𝘂𝘄𝘂 Just by you saying in a way that you are a higher being makes me think that you have never felr compassion or empathy. I am a highly sensitive person and empathy has always come naturally to me, and I have NEVER felt like I am in any way superior to anyone. That’s just my opinion.

  8. It’s “annoying” because “it” has to be experienced. For someone never drink an orange juice, the description of an orange juice is going to be confusing and annoying.

  9. Many of the comments below talk about the loneliness, depression, and even the existential crisis that ostensibly accompanies the revelation of reaching a higher consciousness. But, I would posit that if this is your experience, then rather than reaching this state, your mind has slyly taken you on a detour of lamenting the loss of those things, beliefs, and/or feelings that you have grown accustom to, and have until now associated with any happiness or nostalgia you have experienced. In other words, you have become overwhelmed with the perceived loss of these familiar pathways that you have always relied on to bring you the feelings that you have been taught to desire. This is a common trap, and one must recognize this and put it down. Truly reaching a higher state of consciousness will reveal the falseness and emptiness of these pathways, and that the “good feelings” they brought were false and temporary at best. You should feel a true sense of relief and freedom once you gain the knowledge that life is actually very simple. To quote others (Alan Watts I believe), life is life, meaning that true meaning and happiness is found in the mundane – and that’s not a bad thing – it simply means that living each day spontaneously and reaping the experiences that come along with living in the present is its own reward. The past is only the sum of your previous experiences which can never be changed, but simply to be remembered for the lessons they brought. And as for the future, care not for the future, for the future cares not for you. Life is a phenomenon that spontaneously happened, and it doesn’t go any deeper than that. Sentient life is the greatest mystery in the universe – the fact the we pay it so little regard is the greatest paradox. Get out of your head – forget yourself and lose your ego and go live a spontaneous life without expectation – expect only that life experiences will come, and do not fall into the trap of judging them, just know that they are relevant, and that relevance is not necessarily evident at the time – trust and have faith. Strive for everything… expect nothing.

    And a note to the producers – please provide the proper credit to the music soundtrack in your videos… thanks!

    • @Intelligently Stoopid Are you talking to the OP? If so, you read too much into his comment and intent. Perhaps something he said reminded you of some other weirdo and you overshot.

    • @Techno Mage no clue since that was 4+ months ago. I can barely remember yesterday haha

    • @Intelligently Stoopid Yeah I have a habit of not paying attention to the dates 🤪

    • @Techno Mage my days of sh-t talking on YouTube are currently over anyways. Had fun for a while there and then i stopped in an effort to salvage what was left of my sanity haha

  10. Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here’s Tom with the Weather.

    • @RYM Well written, enjoyed your look at it. That could def be called an ”enlightning” experience or consciousness expanding or a higher consciousness.

    • @Mrsirgentleman Psychedelics have literally changed my life, stopped smoking cigs, rid myself of social media and started reading and pursuing my dream, would highly recommend Acid if you haven’t before. I’ve dropped 4 tabs since that experience which almost tore away reality.. high doses like that kinda show you what you need to see by force, showed that love is the only true thing that matters in this world. We are projecting our own separation with one another, collectively. Would recommend reading “The power of now” by Eckhart Tolle, explains consciousness, presence and how to separate yourself from the egoic mind extremely well.

    • R Y M. I have done it aswell a couple of times, really powerful stuff. Im going to a lakehouse with a couple of friends next weekend for an lsd trip actually. ✌🏻🤙

    • @Mrsirgentleman Oh cool that sounds awesome! Don’t really get that sort of thing in the UK.. enjoy your trip brotha, one love.🤘🏾

  11. Ever since I was little I knew I was smart but not school smart but I never want to explain my self theres to much to explain

  12. After months and months of meditating, You’ll find out that the answer to everything was within yourself this whole time.

    • @SuperGGLOL yes that’s why he said to do research. I assure you that he as well didn’t know what it meant at first.or to put it right.. Didn’t get the meaning of it.

    • @Christal Wong slowly, it’s a progress and mostly before bed and right before you wake up you can tap into It. Also listen to Dr Joe Dispenza he is great at covering that concept. He has helped me a lot and I think that I’ve been through the same thing as you. Feeling awakened but then feeling it all clash. Perhaps because unconsciously we go back to certain pattern of thinking,behaving or action. Or it’s an unresolved trauma. Unfortunaely I thought that I was better before a mental breakdown I had. Only to realise that that mental breakdown was a blessing in disguise for me. I guess I didn’t appreciate myself because I did things during that breakdown that I regretted and kept dwelling on. Instead of moving forward. Actually if I never did them I wouldn’t notice and become aware as I became. So I should have seen it as a good thing. It helped me remove unnecessary things in myself..life and cycle.

    • @Violet Sky thank you for reccomending me to Dr. Joe Dispenza. I’ll search for him

  13. Higher consciousness doesn’t bring loneliness, that’s an illusion (lower consciousness). Higher consciousness makes you aware of being one with everyone and everything no matter if those “other” people see it that way or not. It should be a picture of the solar plexus or heart rather than brain. Consciousness doesn’t come from the brain alone, the brain is only part of it, it’s much more involved in thought, and thought is the biggest distraction of consciousness.

  14. This awareness makes you feel so alone and makes you question everything and everything seems like an illusion used to control

    • @Humanity    you are the only person I have seen in the comments that has understood the video. Everyone is talking about how conscious they are because they feel like their existence is nothing, and that’s literally what in the video was explained as lower consciousness. Probably no one of the millions of viewers in the video is able to understand what consciousness is, but as they have so much ego, they think that they do understand and say that their “different” and “special” thoughts (that in reality everyone on Earth has) about existence and its meaning, is really being conscious.

    • @Landon g nothing wrong with that as they say a sheep will always fallow.

    • If you are thinking of alone, you have not gone very deep.At the deepest state, you will find the interconnection between all humans, and even deep our connection with this great universe. And at that point, you will be at 100% of cerebral capacity as per Lucy movie concept. Sounds funny but it’s not. Even if you may reach that state. When the drop of water becomes ocean, then you will find it as the infinite ways possible. Then even if you spend 1000 life here, still you cannot put an end to the discovery of knowledge. It’s fucking infinite.
      The reason being, as currently, the guru’s which call themselves self enlightened, there is no doubt about their wisdom. But when it comes to specialisation of knowledge, in the present situation the vaccine of corona virus, they cannot help us out.
      What can be said for sure is once you become aware of higher state you become transcend from the negative energies such as fear, arrogance, ego, lust etc. then the fear of death is not longer there. Ryt now they all are like, people will die, just stay at your home to minimise the fatalities. Which point is towards they are clueless about vaccine. For instance, if we are connected at very deeper level and with god, then why cannot god communicate the vaccine formula through them. Since it’s not possible. So it is infinite. In this context, it makes sense, even if you invest thousands of year, still you cannot know life in its entirety.

    • As someone already replied to your comment, perhaps you’re not yet close to being “more aware”. But I would argue that maybe the reason you feel alone is because the deeper you dig, the more you find in yourself. And you may have perhaps been protected your whole life of actually facing the harsh realisations of LIFE, one of which is the fact that we are very much on our own and not many people know better than you do about life, existence, or just what the hell is going on in general. And that can be very depressing if you’re weak, you must face these realities _forthrightly and with courage_ and with that, become stronger, NOT protect yourself more. You should watch Jordan Peterson’s video on “how to integrate your shadow”. Good luck my friend and I wish you the best!

  15. It makes you feel better knowing you’re not the only one that thinks this way

  16. A big part of being “greater” minded is being able to recognize your flaws and just how level you are with others. Believing that you are somehow greater, proves that you are still thinking in a hierarchy based mindset.

    • IT JUST WORKS right now I am learning chemistry, and mathematics my goal is to definitely keep learning so I can have a voice backed up by credibility.

    • Isac Cabrera I agree with what you said if any one did achieve a higher state of mind they wouldn’t be gloating in a YouTube comment section.

    • Isac Cabrera and really the more you think about this higher mind stuff it devalues everything you are that’s why I don’t ponder on it for to long.

  17. When you reach the highest forms of consciousness. There is no room for ego. Which is what I’m seeing in a lot of these comments. Your ego is the cause of desire. You desire and therefore you suffer. Whether it be depression, anger, hatred. Drop the ego as much as you can. You won’t want things as much and thus fixing majority of the problems you face(in your mental/spiritual state). Live in the present moment. Be here now. Be content with who you are and what you have and be grateful. When doing so, you will live a happier and healthier life.

    • So when you are living really unhealthy being content with that state leads to a healthier life?
      😂😂😂 I think you should go back to the drawing board.

    • Bernd DasBrot I’m saying don’t be so hard on yourself lol. Find contentment within yourself. It goes without being said you should always strive to evolve for the better. If your interpretation of what I said is to be content with living unhealthily then you have some incompletions my friend. To be content with myself is to be content with the journey and the struggles that come along with it. I’m speaking from a spiritual perspective. If you aren’t interested in spirituality then perhaps what I say sounds like nonsense. But if one is seeking the spiritual path it goes without being said that you have to love and embrace what your ego defines as negatives. Negative experiences or habits or lifestyle etc etc. doesn’t mean keep it that way but embrace them so they no longer have a negative effect on you. But when someone is truly on the spiritual path you live healthily. You eat well, you live better, it comes naturally. I think you misinterpreted what I’m saying simply because you don’t live the spiritual path

    • We all desire something no matter what. But from what you’re saying, it’s minimised. We make choices not from our free will but rather determinism (Desire + Belief + Temperance makes our choices) It’s a crash course philosophy video called “Determinism vs Free will” I think you may like it!

    • @Muzza f00za No, some people just have different understandings of reality that arent based on believing something with no proof. Everybody makes assumptions in favor of their own viewpoints, but if you can catch them youll be a more understanding person

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