Hidden Spirituality of Atlantis: The Lost Empire

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We’ve made tons of videos about Atlantis so far… one more couldn’t hurt, right?

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  1. Hey Patch!! Could you please do a “Hidden spirituality of She-Ra the Princess of Power”? Its a kids show on netflix. It’s really good!

  2. Yess! This is one my favorite childhood Disney-movies and it got me interested in the mythology of Atlantis.

  3. Seeing this movie in the theater as a kid unlocked intense past life memories in me if Atlantis.

    • I would love to know if you remember i love past life memories. Im having allot with the practice of breathing. But its being blocked by my siblings…

  4. Search: The eye of the Sahara in Mauritania or Richat Structure in Google earth. It really is impressive!

    • Looks like that area got flooded to me. How do you think it occurred in real time? How do you interpret the cause?

  5. That floating pyramid is very reminiscent of what I saw when I did a past life regression. I was a spiritual teacher named ketal.

  6. I think the story of Aquaman is referencing tiamomt and the leviathan. The narrative about the mother taking another consort, reminds me of the creation story and tiamont. The kraken reminded me of tiamont turning into the water dragon. King altan reminded me of the the Sumerian water god….

  7. There used to be a time. This, and the emperors new groove. Was my favorite movies. Disney is fucking magic and I remembered what happens when we die..

  8. this was a cool movie, now i can look at it ina different way if i ever get my hands on it again.

  9. So overcomeing the male ego and lower vibrations again..
    I do wonder if that Atlantis story of the male energy from Mars dominating the sacred feminine is of truth.. and if so, did our civilization maybe first begin on Venus, then came to earth, and THEN the male energy came and ruined the balance..?
    Too many rabbit holes for my mind to create..

  10. im a stonemason and i surround myself with crystals at all times…. i love.

  11. “The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”🙏🏽

  12. I saw the positivity of this movie and I grew to love and appreciate the Atlantis Story even more!

  13. Gentlemen, I regret to say this institution’s insurance doesn’t cover blown minds 😆 THIS VIDEO has noticeably so much love and joy, plus the unearthing of wisdom in the movie was done beautifully, WELL DONE

  14. The googly eyeball thing… I really think it throws a wrench in the quality of your videos. It’s like… in stark contrast of the usual quality that I experience with your work. It’s a downgrade in my honest opinion.

  15. Omg this is one of the movies I chose for my kids. I loved it too. Sadly I only had it in vhs and that is gone now. I will have to find it again

  16. Funny, that’s the same blue crystal I’m wearing. I’ve received it as a gift from my sister earlier this year. When she gave it to me I was like: OMG, finally I can do the same things that Kilindi Iyi was talking about!

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