Hercules: The Twelve Labours (Ancient Greek Mythology)

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Performed by Chris Lines

A dramatic retelling of the powerful redemption story of Hercules.

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  1. To the Greeks he was known as Heracles (The Twelve Labours of Heracles). He was later referred to as Hercules by the Romans. I think I know the motive for labelling him as Hercules for the video though.

  2. The path of redemption is our own twelve impossible tasks. Facing the fears that we have an push them aside, fight them climb them, capture them, everything is related.

  3. Redemption is a powerful motivation, but the first step in the path is learning to live with and forgive yourself for the things you have done.

    Amazing work as always. Hope all is well.

  4. Dear RedFrost Motivation, inspiring video! Can make us relive heroic times again. Thank you.

  5. Well your poems are great
    So i think this was one of the poems or quotes video which would have been better
    So please upload a beautiful poem or quotes video
    But the message by it was very crucial

  6. Dear RedFrost Motivation, must add, it remimded me Tennyson, throughout the reading. This evocation had to be made.

  7. No one as Brave, no one as Persistent, no one as Indestructible, no one as Courageous, no one as Ruthless, no one as Diligent, no one as Tenacious and no one as Resourceful as Hercules himself.

  8. @RedFrost Motivation, once again I thank you for such impeccable content. And also a huge thank you to Chris Lines too for his outstanding work on your videos. Hope you have a great weekend and Best wishes and stay safe and well to you all and your families

  9. Such a strong story passed trough many generations, and told so beautifully, loved it.

  10. *” every day you have 2 choices: sleep and dream, or wake up and chase them “*

  11. This is awesome! Love your videos, my friend.

    Please do something on the Martyr, Polycarp. That would be amazing!

    Keep up the great work 👊🏽

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