Healthy or Junk? Smart Grocery Haul for LUNCH and BREAKFAST Foods | Ronan Oliveira

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What to buy when grocery shopping

What types of food do you buy when you go grocery shopping? Do you pay attention to what you put in your basket? Healthy living starts with healthy eating, and in this video, Ronan Oliveira shares incredible grocery shopping hacks that you will find super valuable.

For instance, did you know that frozen broccoli has more nutrients than fresh broccoli? That’s broccoli nutrition information that you may not find anywhere, but Ronan is ready to share it with you. Among other powerful hacks, Ronan answers questions like, is orange juice good for you? He also explains the benefits of greek yogurt over regular yogurt.

If you want to learn how to eat healthy and how you should interpret product ingredients in your next grocery shopping, watch this video now.

Video timestamps:

00:00 Frozen vs fresh vegetables
01:48: Healthy meat choices
04:04 Protein yogurt vs greek yogurt
05:56 Fruit juice vs real fruit
10:02 Healthy snacks
13:05 Margarine, peanut butter spreads and cereals
16:03 Canned meat

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About Ronan Oliveira:

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  1. ✅What healthy food options will you include in your next grocery shopping? Join Ronan Oliveira in this 100% FREE, time limited masterclass today and discover how to improve your health and fitness:👉

  2. “The greatest men in the world have failed more than you have tried!” 💪
    Dont give up my friend! 🙏

  3. Tough times dont last. Tough people do! 🙏
    I know you can do it my friend.
    Make 2021 the first year of many successful years! 💪

  4. Thank you for this video Ronan! I always wondered about fresh vs frozen veggies. I’ll be less reluctant to get that frozen broccoli now! 😁💕

  5. We take vegetables from the vegetables sellers who goes street to street .

  6. I buy fresh but after cooking I freeze it (I make many meals at a time instead of daily cooking).

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  9. Loved the video. When you buy nuts milk… Just to be aware in the ingredient section for example (Maltodextrin) . I try to avoid!
    Also I learned not everything is labeled organic means it’s good. You have to check the ingredients of the products you purchase👌


  11. Indian groceries are best I’m eating Dinner right now(11:00pm) while watching this 😂 cucumber salad ,brown rice And chickpeas curry😋 tasty , vegetarian student life .

  12. I practice all that mentioned. For me the best veg is from my garden. But cannot stand frozen broccoli.
    I slice a sliver of fresh ginger to bust immune system or make a tea with it. Ginger, turmeric, pepper in hot water then when it’s cooled a bit, add a good squeeze of lemon.
    If I allow carbs I cook buckwheat with salt, the most delicious porridge ever. 👌

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