Healing Relationship Trauma – Teal Swan

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Teal Swan #short from the 2019 New York workshop. Watch in full at https://tealswan.com/premium-workshops/n2019/nyc1/

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  1. This is gold. The whole “go within” thing is seriously annoying. It is impossible going within when one is trying to heal relationship trauma. Going within can only be a “choice” that usually seers make to understand the ego. It is not a goto for everyday people trying to heal their everyday worries.

  2. Thank you Teal 😌🙏🏻…. Your short posts are invaluable, getting us all chatting and learning…Thank you 🙏🏻

  3. Uh. Sounds good but even after my practically enlightened state of being; I still draw untrustworthy people or people who don’t care. I’m open to better relationships- but YIKES-

  4. This outlook makes ton of sense because I love myself the hurt was why they didn’t or concerns about the illusions in the connection I had. Loving yourself is just strength to move on after heartbreak.

  5. Tell that to them, not me. They’re emotionally disturbed bc their delusions were incorrect.

  6. Thank you Teal. Exactly.
    By the way there‘s nothing more dangerous than all this „everyone is you pushed out“ BS claiming that any damaging behaviour of a person towards another must have been „manifested“ by that other person’s insecurity…

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