Have You Ever Had an Out-of-Body Experience?

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The term "out-of-body experience" was popularized by Robert Monroe who experienced OBE's regularly. He founded the Monroe Institute to study altered states of consciousness. There are several types of OBE's including lucid dreaming, astral projection and near-death experiences. Are these experiences proof we're connected to a field of consciousness outside the body?

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    • Please always soeak ,,,, my uncle is going blind and listens to your videos ,,,, when they’re printed ,,,, he can’t read them ,,,, so that’s lost knowledge to him .
      Please always soeak !!!!!

  1. Yes i do and yes it was a chilling moment to see your zelf sleeping

  2. I wonder if, just after I’m nodding off to sleep, I feel a jump as if I fell off something. How is this explained?

  3. Yes heart Racing i woke up..well thought i woke up. I was dreaming. Then re-awoke stood up in the Moonlit Room and Walked around feeling strange..i looked back and i was Asleep. I freaked out and actually Woke Up. It was Pretty Strange.

  4. I use to do it on demand. The trance, the massive vibration, the release, and travel. Can’t do it anymore though.

  5. Yes I do regularly and I’ve been able to walk outside and to my neighbors house and see what they had inside. The other day I asked them about their green counters and they were surprised I knew the colors considering I’ve never been into their house. Thanks OBEs.

    • Wow I wonder if I have and I do remember . I believe though that I had a NDE once. I was looking at the most beautiful and peaceful beach but there was something in front of it and I couldn’t go any further . It felt like the palm trees were telling me to come in but something was holding me back. I say felt bc there was no talking it was all about feelings. So much more to the story and sorry for rambling on.

  6. Years ago I experienced a nde. I saw me on the couch as I walked towards the window. Heard my front door open, stopped to see 2 enter that looked like me. Of course 2 people who look like you are standing in front of you will make you stop and it was just enough time for one to say to the other, “wake her up.” I know now don’t stop to look at anything 😆 just keep moving. It wasn’t until 10-12 years later during prayer I was shown what those 2 actually looked like.

  7. When I was 4 years old I had an emergency appendectomy. I watched the operation from above the Doctors. I thought this is how things work and I don’t think I ever mentioned it.

  8. Yes! I travel around most every night. Out of body travel is WAY easier than in body travel. And hey, no masks required! Plus, why confine yourself to the Earth when the whole Universe is available to you? 😃🚀

  9. We all do. The real issue is one of memory integration of the experience. Your beliefs give you comfort, but hold you back from your potential. ✌️❤️🍄

    • I believe these things so I don’t know why I cannot remember? Maybe I’ve put blocks on myself for whatever reason. I’m a Starseed and I know who and what we really are well as much as this human brain allows me to know or understand.

  10. Earth is a reincarnation soul trap Matrix. Everything mentioned here when looked at in its entirety paints a very clear picture, particularly NDEs & documented reincarnation cases. We can even bring in so called “alien abductions” into the mix but because they too show many similar patterns. Feel free to swing by for a visit sometime….I cover it in great detail as do many others. Would be nice to see more on the reincarnation soul trap matrix here. Blessings to you all 🙏

  11. Once, as a child that I remember. Haven’t done it, recently. Hopefully I can do it again.

  12. I have it very very often, I know when i am out every time i try to turn the light and my finger goes through the light switch, them i turn around and see myself. It scares me every time. I am 46y.o. Now and the first time it happened to me i was 19yo. And from then on i had it often, but now that im older it happens every other day. Its scares me because I don’t know how to work with it and the purpose of it. I don’t really like the sensation when i get aware that i am out i panic somehow, and i start screaming till I actually am screaming so that i can wake myself. My family knows what happens, when i start screaming when asleep they have to wake me up because sometimes it takes me very long so i can get out of sleeping paralysis and thats a horrible feeling. So , no I don’t have have a good experience with it.

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