Have We Been Confusing the Pleiadians as Angels?

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Also called the "Seven Sisters", the Pleiades is a star cluster in the Taurus constellation. Pleiadians have been described as a collective of multidimensional beings and those who channel Pleiadian entities describe their appearance as Nordic. Have we been confusing the Pleiadians as angels since biblical times?

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    • Please speak during the videos so that people with bad eyes ,,, like me ,,, can learn !!!

    • I would…but the monthly fee is ridiculous!! Plus, this is information we can get for free. Thank you for sharing it

    • Is there a S3 with matias yet ? I already saw both seasons. Looking forward to more with Matias.

    • Thankfully, most of the comments are in accordance (until the drones start piling in from under their tin-foil hats).

    • @Black Cat Many are just laughable, or insular and strict (religions as an example).
      This one’s especially bad because it doesn’t stick to one thing, but includes real, actually beneficial things like yoga to lure people in, then bombards them with ludicrous conspiracy theory after another, inspiring a fall into an endless rabbit-hole of preposterous danger.

    • @Alexander Nigma more like ignorant or naive. Don’t know if dumbass is the correct term. Yikes

    • @Chickengenius420 Sapient, capable of thinking using the scientific method, I’m neither ignorant nor naïve, look, I even know how to teach naïve, ignorant people how to spell naïve.
      There’s more to life than we can currently comprehend, but we’ve never been visited by ‘Pleiadians nor angels’.
      Had we, we would have actual physical proof instead of repeatedly unverifiable claims and made-up stories manufactured for clicks and fame.
      I’m truly open-minded.
      But I’m not a believe-all moron who can’t use sapient thought processes.
      I don’t believe in flat-Earth either, nor hollow-Earth and think the Law of Attraction is just a money-making endeavour, so pile in with your insults, I’d only be insulted if I valued your opinion or intelligence.

    • @Paul Sweeney I don’t think we would have any proof. How would we get and keep proof of a visit when the visitor is superior to us in every way? They can travel the galaxy without a ship and you think they’d leave evidence? Not likely. Even if we/someone did have proof, the government would confiscate it and bury the story.

    • @Hustle Up ‘Visitors’, being supposedly superior to us in every conceivable way, would have no reason to hide themselves from us.
      You don’t hide from an ant when you’re dissecting it.

  1. I know this is a funny comparison, but Glenda the good witch, from the Wizard of Oz, is seen using a bubble to travel. Might this have some relation? Or is my imagination too wild?? 😜

    • Like many subscribers, it seems that yes, your imagination is too wild.

    • Nope, they knew it back then, just us peasants didn’t know it. Watch Corey Goode videos, at YT SphereBeing Alliance is his channel name. He has first hand experience with this topic.

    • @SomeOne I love Corey Goode! I used to like David Wilcock, until he got political. Do you have any favorite videos from Corey you’d recommend???

    • @Paul Sweeney, since you are subscribed, does that mean you have a wild imagination as well?? lol 😉

  2. I like this channel but I don’t like having to go back and read because sometimes I get a little dyslexic LOL

    • There is a man that worked at nasa, he says in an interview that he saw black extraterestrials coming out of a spacesheap on jupiter

    • @Discover The Possibles I wasn’t even trying to troll I was just noticing how they always try to make themselves seem like they derive from some other dimensional lineage

    • That’s because the racists who invented these laughable theories probably dreamed of a superior white alien race that they too had some sort of connection to.

  3. Please , Please Speak during your videos !!!
    My eyes are going and I can’t read what’s on the screen .
    So that is lost information on me !!!!
    I can’t be the only one that wants and needs you to speak so that we can all hear the information and learn !!!

  4. I think everything is all more weird and complex than anybody could possibly imagine

  5. Do we have black pleiadians? Why do you always portray these star beings as white! Just asking …@ Matias de stefano

    • I believe those would be some of the lyrans, there are some lyrans with tan, brown skin and wavy to curly puffy hair ✨all human life originates from lyra.

    • @Hustle Up here you can just search it up on google, there are lots of platforms where people talk about it. Just search up lyra and humans, there are also other races such as the Vegans, and Sirians.

    • @Hustle Up also I recommend you watch Alex Collier he goes into detail about our different human races.

  6. I am sure that they have Interdimensional beings of color unfortunately they are just displayed as white.

    • Could be. But you must understand that on planet earth, humans developed more or less melanin, depending on how much they were exposed to suns uv radiation. So if you are a being of light, or just from another planet with different circumstances, you may have no melanin at all.

    • In the book of enoch, enoch describes arch angel Michael as having skin of a darkened bronze. Even the cheribum are said to have arms and legs of a burned bronze. Don’t get to upset about these things. Artists have always depicted angels and jesus as white, which even then jesus was said to have dark skin and thick hair. I also refuse to believe that angels are white. God and angels are light beings, which means they emit light or a spirit. They only have human characteristics when they take human form. White people always argue this but it’s in the book.

    • @Lynda Kimble-Williams Then dont believe it, doesn’t matter what you believe and if all aliens were white, that wouldn’t matter either. You need to open your perspective and evolve from that primitive tribalistic mind set.

    • @CLEAN your an obvious racist. Your comment alone is disrespectful. God and the angels aren’t white. Deal with it. Your race isn’t chosen either.

    • Lol looks like we got ourselves a bunch of lefty soy boys on here who get all sensitive and wet their diapers over nothing as usual. Can’t wait till we all grow up to be grown up humans and stop all the crying over every little thing that hurts our brittle little feelings 🛑😢

  7. I think stating that humans are simply in the third dimension and non-human animals are in the second dimension is way too simplistic. I know non-human animals that show behavioural patterns that suggest they’re in a higher consciousness level than many humans…

  8. Operating throughout the universe like healing white blood cells is a fascinating concept. 👼🏻

  9. When’s season 3 of initiation due out? I love Matias and he’s helped to further alot of what i’ve thought/felt for a long time 🤗 can’t wait for it! 🥰

  10. The Pleiades beings are supposed to be blue, then we have the grays or greys, probably from Orion. Representatives of the Galactic Confederation appears to be brownish in color. I think this color thing is more pervasive in Anglophone countries nobody else seems to have issues about “color” of skins. The British Royals have been on the news lately, regarding racism.

  11. I really like these videos but sometimes I don’t have the time to read it but I can listen soooooooo not telling you what to do but it would be nice to listen to your work thanks from a loving friend 😘

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